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  1. 101stinfantry

    WTS: Enidine buffer for Shotgun

    Have a like new Enidine hydraulic buffer for a shotgun, using an adjustable AR-15 stock. I put this on a FN TPS fired 2-3 rounds, and took it back off, sold the shotgun shortly thereafter, and this has been sitting on a shelf ever since. $125 shipped in CONUS, can do discreet PP, or USPS MO...
  2. 101stinfantry

    Houston PD lies to get warrent on drug house

    Well, I haven't checked this thread since page 1, WTF over? There are knuckledraggers, boogereaters, and thugs in L.E. just like there are in the mil. Corrupt public servants need their nuts nailed to a board just like any other common criminal. Being a POS, is just that, being a POS...
  3. 101stinfantry

    Tikka T3 Thread

    Lightly modified T3 Lite.
  4. 101stinfantry

    Have to change Varget for my 308

    Ok, never mind on the 4064 it's not REACH compliant either. From what I found all of the Ramshot, and Allliant brands are still compliant, I've used RL-15 with good results in .308, it's a bit more temp sensitive than Varget or 4064. Haven't used any of the Ramshot brands, so maybe someone...
  5. 101stinfantry

    Have to change Varget for my 308

    Yeah IMR-4064 is good, not sure if available in Europe. Haven't tried any of the 3 you listed.
  6. 101stinfantry

    Hello from Arkansas

    DR Long Range Concepts has an Alumni Comp once per year. I've never been to one of their classes, mainly because they are constantly full, and they don't have very many to begin with, then there is Big Piney in Rolla, MO. Those are the only ones I'm aware of that is even half-way close.
  7. 101stinfantry

    Glock 20....or other 10mm opinions?

    I really like the Sig 220, the Witness Hunter, and Stock III too. I'll probably get another 10mm in the not too distant future, but I can't decide on which one, first world problems and all.
  8. 101stinfantry

    Hello from Arkansas

    North Central, almost Missouri.
  9. 101stinfantry

    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome, what part of the state?
  10. 101stinfantry

    Glock 20....or other 10mm opinions?

    I'd love to get a G40, but l'm like davsco, the f'in grip is just a hair too wide for it to be comfortable for me. I ended up with one of the Tanfoglios.
  11. 101stinfantry

    Social media

    Few forums are all I do. I created a FB account once, and immediately people I didn't want finding me, started finding me, so I shut that down post haste.
  12. 101stinfantry

    We might as well put a gun to our own heads.

    She should have ran for office in Minnesota, they would have elected her.:rolleyes:
  13. 101stinfantry

    Suppressor cleaning/maintenance?

    If it's sealed and your just gonna use it on centerfire rifle, just leave it be and shoot the piss out of it.
  14. 101stinfantry

    Army or Marines, which one eats more crayons?

    Lol! I've met booger eaters from all four branches (I don't count Coasties as a branch). I've also known, and or met some really good guys from all four as well.
  15. 101stinfantry

    Lost my lab today...

    Sorry man, that sucks. We lost one of ours back in October, but it was a great 16 years!
  16. 101stinfantry

    You know that feeling you get when........

    Were you drinking when you packed it?:D
  17. 101stinfantry

    The PX Super User

    Last I knew if you were an FFL, your personal firearms were supposed to be in your bound book too. If you have a FFL then your a dealer, no two ways about it. Why are people such shitbags? I think you should give'em a "Shitbag" badge.
  18. 101stinfantry

    You know that feeling you get when........

    Lol! Yeah, I don't do that anymore. Seemed like a good idea at the time? I was getting fairly close to a panic by the time I found it. I had stuck it in a box of 9mm ammo, and there was a very large stack of ammo. On the bright side I no longer have that particular safe, got one with a dial...
  19. 101stinfantry

    You know that feeling you get when........

    The worst one to ever happen to me......well I did it to myself anyway, was when I'd been drinking a bit, and decided I needed to hide the gunsafe key in a different spot. Apparently I'm pretty creative after a few beers. No one was going to find it......including me.
  20. 101stinfantry

    You know that feeling you get when........

    If your anything like me, when you find them it's gonna be one of two responses: 1. Oh yeah, I remember putting them there now, or 2. Why the hell would I put them here?