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    Athlon glass

    Not enough time in the field with mine to give you an answer. But as was stated above, I have abused the shit out of a Cronus and it held up no problem.
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    Zero Compromise Optic update

    Sorry if I missed it, but besides Spuhr(?), who is making 36mm rings? I really like ARC m10's! Thanks
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    Athlon Optics New Product Announcement

    I received mine this past Tuesday.
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    Donald does tell Pelosi to go pound sand

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    Zero Compromise Optic update

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    FS: Aero Precision Rail, 15"

    Not sure. It does fit Nightforce ATACR and Athlon Cronus BTR though.
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    New S and B reticle

    I've used and liked ebr-2b, Mil-C, APRS1 and SKMR3. The closest one I've come to get from S&B is the H2CMR, but the fact that there are no numbers on it had me hesitating. Wasn't sure if I'd like it for matches when shooting movers. Maybe I would, but it gave me pause when deciding to buy a...
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    Athlon glass

    @Tyler Kemp MKMachining!
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    New S and B reticle

    I have wanted a Schmidt for as long as I can remember, but have never been able to bring myself to like any of their reticle choices enough to go ahead and buy one. This still isn't doing anything for me. I'll check it out next week in Vegas... maybe in person it'll look better?
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    Athlon glass

    My experience with the Midas line has been very favorable. Albeit all the ones I've owned and currently own are on the lower mag end (10x-16x max), and I've not used an Ares ETR in a match, but they are both bright and clear. At 30x however on the ETR, there is more darkening IMHO than on my 29x...
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    Compare Athlon Midas TAC vs. Ares ETR

    ^ yep. Midas Tac --> APRS2 or APRS3 Ares ETR --> APRS1 This is for the Mil versions.
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    Compare Athlon Midas TAC vs. Ares ETR

    Not really any. They are the same. Brass ring below the cap with 2 or 3 small hex retention screws. I have always liked the Midas line. I have an older Midas BTR 2-10x SFP illuminated reticle I use for hunting. The glass on the Midas line have always been good IMHO. The Ares will darken some...
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    Compare Athlon Midas TAC vs. Ares ETR

    I have both. The Midas Tac is a really nice scope for the money! The turret clicks are great, crisp, etc. The Ares I feel is almost too crisp. (Louder, tighter; I've accidentally sounds past the point I was going for because of this) The wind knob on the Midas is capped. On the Ares it's...
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    Trigger tech for PRS comps

    I switched all my rifles to TT Diamonds, with flat shoes. Best trigger I've ever used. You won't be disappointed with whatever shape shoe you get. Buy once, cry once.
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    Athlon Cronus BTR. Have they lived up to the expectations?

    I just got the newest Cronus BTR with the APRS1 (floating dot) reticle yesterday. They are shipping now! I love these scopes. Built like a tank! APRS1
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    Yet More Commie Legislation: Feel the $15/hr Bern

    Saw a commercial for a 60-minutes type show the other day talking about how in 20 years or so, AI will replace 40% of the workforce. Holy shit!