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  1. Eoddave27

    Athlon Ares ETR/Vortex Viper PST gen2

    Has anyone here had the scopes side by side and did a comparison. They are very close in price if you shop around for both. Looking at specs the Athlon seems to have the edge but specs on paper obviously don’t tell the whole story. I have been looking at one of these scopes or a Burris XTRii for...
  2. Eoddave27

    6-24 Argos BTR vs. 6-24 Midas Tac? Is the true zero stop/turrets/glass worth it?

    Comparing the Midas TAC and the Athlon Argos is like comparing apples and oranges. The Midas is really in a whol different class. That being said, if you are just going to set the scope and never touch the turrets then the Argos May be fine for you. If you will be dialing for elevation at all I...
  3. Eoddave27

    New developments at PA

    I would really like to see the new GL optics too. As Spife said though I’m not to keen on the reticles. Way too busy. Trying to figure that thing out and make a shot using your reticle for your elevation and a wind hold would be almost impossible to do on the clock quickly.
  4. Eoddave27

    Scope recommendation

    The price on the Sig Sauer scopes are for Government agencies only. I have a Grainger commercial account and called to verify. Oh well.
  5. Eoddave27

    Compare Athlon Midas TAC vs. Ares ETR

    I haven’t had a chance to look through an Ares ETR but I can’t see any difference between the Midas TAC and the Ares BTR as far as the glass goes. I honestly prefer the TAC myself. I just like the turrets better and don’t need the illumination. Any of the three will be excellent scopes though...
  6. Eoddave27

    Athlon Midas BTR (sold)

    Pictures added. Still for sale.
  7. Eoddave27

    Athlon Midas TAC 6-24 sold

    Selling an Athlon Midas TAC. Mounted once but never used. Will post pictures later today. $475 shipped. Sold
  8. Eoddave27

    Athlon Midas BTR (sold)

    I have an Athlon Midas BTR 4.5-27 mil/mil with the tree reticle. Scope looks like new and come with box and all original accessories. $200 shipped. Sold
  9. Eoddave27

    Sig Sauer Tango 4 sold

    I have a Sig Sauer Tango 4 4-16x44 mil/mil with the DVL reticle in like new condition. Come other box and all original accessories and an additional turret for 223 75 gr bullet. $400. Will post pictures later today. Sold.
  10. Eoddave27

    Burn Rate, Caliber and Velocity

    Hey guys. I’m looking for a good book on the subject. I’m transferring to the ballistics development team where I work and I need to get a better understanding of powder burn rate and why one powder works better with one caliber than another. For instance Varget works great with a 168 grain...
  11. Eoddave27

    6x30x56 weaver tactical

    I’ll take it if you let me know how to send funds.
  12. Eoddave27

    6x30x56 weaver tactical

    Sent the seller a pm yesterday and haven’t got reply. If you didn’t get my pm or the scope is sold let me know. Thanks.
  13. Eoddave27

    Compare Athlon Midas TAC vs. Ares ETR

    Mine isn’t on a CZ455 but I mounted one on one of my rimfire rifles using the Vortex tactical 6 bolt rings and mound another Midas TAC on an AR using ARC rings. The Vortex rings have been a great inexpensive set of rings at $40 for a set. I have had them on several rimfire and centerfire rifles...
  14. Eoddave27

    WTT Craddock Precision 224 Valkyrie

    One more bump before it goes back in the safe.
  15. Eoddave27

    I need opinions.

    The stock/chassis selection was my concern. I’m looking at buying a CZ455 and the first thing I will do unless I gat a precision trainer is toss the factory stock. My guess is it will take awhile for all the companies to make new stocks for the change. Once they do get something released they...
  16. Eoddave27

    Where to buy target backer board?

    I just go to Home Depot and get their 2’x4’ 1/4” Luna handy panels. Another option is their heavy duty moving boxes. They are twice as thick as normal cardboard so are a lot more rigid.
  17. Eoddave27

    I need opinions.

    I’m not positive about this but doesn’t the 457 have a different footprint than the 455? If it does that would take a lot of after market parts out there that are currently available for the CZ455 off the table.
  18. Eoddave27

    Craddock 224V owners: need your help...

    I have a Craddock Precision upper and I have had pretty good results with the 90 SMK and around 26gr of CFE 223. I had even better results with 85gr RDF’s and around 25.5gr of CFE223. I could still get a lot more velocity out of the 85’s but the accuracy just wasn’t there. In general I load...
  19. Eoddave27

    Compare Athlon Midas TAC vs. Ares ETR

    I bought a Midas TAC from Doug at cameraland for one of my precision AR’s. I liked it so much I called Doug a few weeks later and got one for my 22 that I use for competition. Absolutely fantastic scopes for the money. They defiantly perform well above their price tag.
  20. Eoddave27

    Rimfire and wax

    I only ever had problems with that one lot of CCI. It shot like crap out of my rifle anyway so I really wasn’t that concerned. It still amazes me to see the variations from lot to lot of ammo. I bought a case of one lot of CCI ammo that would shoot 1moa at 100yards in both my rifle and my sons...