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    Magnum Research BFR .500 JRH Bisley 5.5”

    This just looks like fun
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    Defiance action wrench $85 shipped

    Only used one time, so it looks perfect.... PP preferred
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    Comp Bag From Precision Underground Rifle Gear updated with requested pics

    That looks great.... but I bet you could still sell all of your "rejects" off of that shelf. Many of us have unique needs and you might have something that fills the bill :)
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    WTB... .308 for entry into PRS - is it yours?

    Except the one that says he doesn't have deep pockets.... Like a few of us said, the Tikka is a great brand new gun option... the CTR is less than $1k from some of our sponsors and the TAC A1 is $1700 ish
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    T1X and Ammo

    yes, it's the Tikka .22
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    MDT LSS-XL gen 2 for Howa mini action

    how much for just the chassis?
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    Kestrel weathervane and data cable 105 shipped for both

    sold my 5700 elite a while back and still have these... $105 shipped for both, includes the case for the weathervane.. both are like new used 2x
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    WTB Hellfire or Sidewinder for 338 cal with 5/8x24 threads

    thanks, but I need one for my 338LM and will then use it when my TBAC can gets here
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    WTB... .308 for entry into PRS - is it yours?

    Take a look at a couple of our sponsors that stock the Tikka T3x Tac A1... it meets pretty much all of your criteria and can be had for less than $1700. There are lots of great reviews on this gun out there..
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    SOLD-Manners T6A Like New with newer Gen2 mini Chassis (Rem 700 SA)

    Let me know if an MTU barrel will fit in there
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    ***SOLD***WTS: Killer Innovations Orias Chassis - $400

    Ok, I posted as the pics were being loaded, that's not the stock in all of their current pics that I'm looking for, so I'll pass
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    ***SOLD***WTS: Killer Innovations Orias Chassis - $400

    thanks for posting the pics
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    WTS Filson oil tin jacket.

    Since Filson sizing does run unusual at times, what size suit coat do you where and how does it fit?
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    RTIC Rifle Case

    what the heck... PM your PayPal and shipping cost to 22202 I will take it
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    WTB:AIAT folder small firing pin

    It's crazy, they were everywhere a month ago, and for great prices...
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    Firearm Sales Ad Template

    I think adding a card with your user name would be a good thing, especially for newer users. It at least shows that you have the item in your possession.