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    Non-Reciprocating Side-Charging Uppers

    My small frame JP side charger is outstanding. It's the best AR I own.
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    Need Kid Size Chassis Help

    My kids' Rifle. Five minutes with a hacksaw on the buffer tube could take another couple inches off the LOP.
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    JP Handguard Durability?

    I have a half dozen. Mine have been absolute rocks.
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    Zero stop shim sets for SWFA Super Sniper scopes

    I guess I've never had one of those in my hands! Sounds like the normal kits might work for you.
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    Zero stop shim sets for SWFA Super Sniper scopes

    Sorry to say we can't support the 1-4. The shims had to be paper thin, and we were losing more then half of them on the milling machine.
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    Bobro experiences need input

    I have 3 or four single latch, 30mm mounts. Return to zero is good. I've not had any issues with them being loose on over a dozen different rails. I'll buy another if and when I need one.
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    SWFA Fixed 10 Power or 20 Power

    Oh, whatever you buy, don't forget to order a zero stop from me. It fixes the one glaring flaw in a great product.
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    SWFA Fixed 10 Power or 20 Power

    I've had them all. Myself, I like the 16X best. It's enough power to do load development (barely) and just right for field shooting. Most of my scopes are 5-25 variables, and in matches I'm almost always shooting at 15-17X.
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    Easy cleaning!!!!!

    I clean my TB cans with CLR all the time. Thanks to whoever posted the link to the new procedure from them. I hadn't seen that I wasn't supposed to get CLR on the threads of a direct thread can. I wonder why. I cleaned an older 30 cal can that had thousands of rounds of centerfire thru it as...
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    Hard Cast Lead Through Suppressor?

    I shoot polymer coated bullets through my .300 BO with a can all the time. I used to shoot straight lead but switched to coated to cut down on barrel leading. I have no way of evaluating if I'm getting lead in the cans other than a visual inspection. I see no evidence. If your can is safe...
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    Looking for shooting bags, help please.

    Look at Traust for rear bags. As has already been thoroughly covered, a bipod is the answer for the front.
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    22LR Bench Rest Shooting

    A year or so ago. They come to the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs every year and I had them lot test for Edge in my 40X.
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    Kestrel --what bullet does prime 223 77 gr use

    From Prime through one of their sponsored shooters, 77SMK.
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    What range can i shoot 1/4” AR500 steel?

    300 should be fine. I can tell you for a fact that 15 yards is too close with a 55 g bullet going 3200.
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    22LR Bench Rest Shooting

    BTW, the fixture Eley uses allows the rifle to move to the rear in recoil. I watched my rifle get tested, and I thought the amount of rifle movement looked about right compared to shooting normally. If anything, the fixture probably allowed it to move a little more than it does when I'm on it.
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    AR-15 Cycling Issues with 18" Barrel

    Are you sure the gas block is lined up with the gas port on the barrel? Doesn't take much misalignment to occlude that hole.
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    Zero stop shim sets for SWFA Super Sniper scopes

    We've changed the configuration of the MOA sets. We were having about 1 in 10 customers who did not have enough shims in the kit to get a good stop at the correct point. We've changed one of the shims, doubling the thickness to go from a +1 to a +2, thus increasing our range by one full...
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    Reasonable group size expectations from an AR

    Assuming the trigger puller has his act together and had done good load development, accuracy is going to be determined by the barrel. I've had many WOA barrels that would readily shoot into 1/2" consistently. I have one JP barrel that shoots about the same. I've also had barrels that were...
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    Match barrel expectations

    I wouldn't find that accuracy acceptable. I've had a half dozen rifles with good barrels (WOA and JP), and all have shot 1/2 minute or better with a good load. I expect 1.5 MOA with blaster Ammo from a good barrel. My blaster load is bulk Hornady 55g bullets over Varget in mixed brass. Thrown...
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    Nightforce NX8 1-8 scope

    I like mine very much. I've shot it in some very awkward positions (the bottom ports on a V-tac wall) and found the eyebox did not hinder me much. I was initially attracted to it due to it's light weight and also because I'm a NF guy, Having used it quite a bit now, I can't find anything to...