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    Found CLOSE WTB R700 LA chassis or stock

    Bought one thanks!!!
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    WTS magpul R700 SA pro hunter

    Black with magpul bottom metal (plastic) and 1 308 fam mag. Hasn’t had much use. I can send pics if interested $235 shipped
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    WTS 6mm bullet lot

    selling these for a friend. $165 shipped
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    Found CLOSE WTB R700 LA chassis or stock

    Thanks. Ill check it out
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    WTB 300wm reloading gear

    Bought some brass but thanks for the offer Only need giraud case holder
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    Found CLOSE WTB R700 LA chassis or stock

    Just bought a 300wm action and need a chassis/stock. Would LOVE an AWT, KRG W3 or mega chassis. Also interested in manners. Lmk what you have. I’ll pay cash or trade doesn’t matter Thanks Dave
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    WTB 300wm reloading gear

    Looking to buy: Forster micrometer seater FL sizing die Brass (prefer new) Giraud case holder Let me know if you have any of above to get rid of Thanks, Dave
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    WTS-RWS built 300 Win Mag

    Interested...... sending PM
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    WTS Silicone Gel Seals Pads for Impact Sport ear muffs

    Got my 2 sets. AWESOME UPGRADE!!!
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    35cal bullet lot

    $200 shipped. Last drop
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    35cal bullet lot

    $230 shipped for the rest!!! Barnes alone are worth more than that
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    35cal bullet lot

    This is what I have left. Make me an offer
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    35cal bullet lot

    Have a bunch of new (old stock) 35 cal bullets. I opened a few to make sure there was no oxidation. All are pristine except for the hornadys. There are 2 boxes of 454 bullets and 1 box of 30cal Take a look at the pic included. Would like to get $450 for the lot. May be willing to separate. The...
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    WTS/WTT Noveske 16” 556 1/7

    Looking for a strike eagle