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  1. Jackomason

    The finer things in life

    If your not religious then look at this simply as a beautiful rebind. My wifes grandfather had his 80th birthday recently, so we sent away his charished bible to 'EA bibles' to be rebound. Alanzo was trained by Diego Coloca of 'Caloca bible rebinds' whom Ive had do two other bibles. Diego was...
  2. Jackomason

    Aesthetically pleasing Barrel Nut

    I guess its kind of an oxymoron to some (most), but I'm having a hard time liking any of the barrel nut options for savage shoulder-less barrels. they all have a savage type taper to them. Is there a reason for this? I'm kinda digging the PVA tikka barrel nut with the straight taper. I've...
  3. Jackomason

    What Camera lens do you use?

    I'm looking at getting a camera (Cannon t3i), its not expensive but i think it would be good to learn some basic stuff with, anyway I'd like to shoot some footage of targets @600+ yards. is it even worth looking into? especially considering the camera body is only $209? Ill probably get the...
  4. Jackomason

    SOLD: Ruger RPR .243 win PRICE DROP - $675

    I've got a Gen 1 ruger precision rifle I'm looking to sell to finance another project. 800 rounds down the barrel at 3100fps so 500+ more rounds wouldn't be far fetched. Everything is stock on it, the bolt has be polished just enough to remove the zip noise and I have 2 bolt shrouds...
  5. Jackomason

    Is the Origin worth ditching the RPR for?

    Ive been reading a few threads of the Nucleus and origin actions, but Ive never handled them. My ruger has been sitting in a cabinet waiting on a new barrel but I'm rethinking that idea now. Id love to have a do it all short action with multiple barrels and bolt faces but thats just not possible...
  6. Jackomason

    Ruger RPR 338LM

    Looks like ruger just announced its RPR in 338LM and 300WM, I have the original RPR and am happy with how itperformed. Every time I talk my self into a 338 I end up going back to the thought that I would be better off just building a custom then pushing it down the road another 5 years. If...
  7. Jackomason


    Cant seem to get the 10% discount to work. Website said the code was disabled. Any ideas? Could I place an order over the phone? I just want my $2 off a tab RB Haha.
  8. Jackomason

    What do you put in your pack?

    I just got my first dedicated hunting/shooting pack. I have a 4th season elk tag which means mid November. I don't truck hunt and I'm not a survivalist. I dont need 10 lbs of bandaids and a stretcher to boot... the pack Is a eberlestock GS I. The basics I'll pack are: Shooting gear(kestrel...
  9. Jackomason

    Episode #4 S&B

    I couldnt find the thread for Ep.4 But i did find an old video of the bushnel 4200 getting blown up, its the video that helped me make my decision on the bushnell as my first tacticle scope 6ish years ago. it still functions flawlessly and has been on multiple rifles. the glass quality has...
  10. Jackomason

    FL die set up (need help)

    I read through the Reloading 101 posts and Learned a lot that I had never considered. So now I'm sitting here with once fired 7mm rem mag brass and would like to shoulder bump .002". My problem is that my brass fits fine the way it is. So, do I take the Decapping pin/expander ball out and...
  11. Jackomason

    Whats a sporty target size?

    Well I've found coming to you guys extremely helpful and sometime even encouraging. I've been gathering dope on a hunting rifle out to 1k. I was shooting this afternoon and took 15 shots at the 12" gong I had placed at 1k and boy can I say the wind kicked my butt! Yup... I only hit the target...
  12. Jackomason

    Anybody ever shoot across zip codes?

    Well, my daughter is nearly 1. I figure it's about time I find a place to shoot across zip codes. You know... just so i can tell some sleaze ball that I can and I have! Anyone know of a range or land that changes zip codes? Has anybody actually ended someone from another zip code? I mean, it...
  13. Jackomason

    Glass Cleaning

    I Live in colorado facing the same "talcum powder" sand as you guys. This is my first time shooting with a brake and its coated everything. My kilo 2000 and my scope are the biggest of my worries. I did a search and saw some solutions for general cleaning but I dont want to rub this sand into my...
  14. Jackomason

    Another confused load developer...

    I really hate to be the guy that asks for someone to interpret groups and data but this is my first time trying an OCW, I've always ran ladder tests and I've always found it to be simple. This is also my first time loading for a magnum so I'm not sure how the OCW platform transfers seeing as it...
  15. Jackomason

    Cutting a TPS base

    Has anybody cut down their bases to allow for better eye relief? My bell is getting in the way and I need just that much more to be comfortable. For those of you that have done it, any tips? How did you clean it up after?
  16. Jackomason

    What targets do you like?

    For some reason I just love targets. my set up is all mobile, consisting of t-post & rebar frames from 2" ar500 up to 12" depending on what I'm feeling. What do you consider standard size? If you had to pack all your targets out, what do you think would be the most valuable targets to bring...
  17. Jackomason

    Bergara Ridge

    Just got my Ridge in 7mm Mag on Friday and wanted to share an overview and initial impressions. Overview: this gun bridges the gap between a dedicated long range rifle and a hunting rifle that most varment rifles just can't do. These past few years there has been a lot of movement in the...
  18. Jackomason

    Data Cards and Angled Shots

    I'm planning out my elk hunt thats coming up in the fall. The two places I'm least confident is shooting in a new environment and angled shots. I live at the base of a mountain range so I can go up an play around a little but usually shoot on the flats. 1. If you true your data with one set of...
  19. Jackomason

    Best ELR cartridge in standard LA

    If you were to rebarrel your standard Long action in an attempt to create a budget ELR rifle what would you get and how would you configure it? I've seen some interesting talk of the 300 & 338s in both lapua and norma cases but clearly those are limited to X-large actions. I was thinking maybe...
  20. Jackomason

    Whats the fastest way to gather DOPE?

    I have a new hunting rifle coming in and would like to get it squared away in as few rounds as possible, how long does it take you to gather DOPE out to 1200 yards? and what method do you use?