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  1. DaveMarine1

    WTB - NF ATACR 7-35 Mil-C

    I am looking for a NightForce 7-35 Mil-C scope. PM me if you are selling. Thank you!
  2. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - Kahles 624i SKMR3 LSW

    Selling this for my dad. I sold one on here not too long ago that was mine and he and I had the same scope, bought at same time in Feb. 2018. Scope is SKMR3 reticle, left side windage and 6-24 magnification 56mm obj. Scope used very, very little. No marks at all. Like new condition. Mounted...
  3. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - Talley Rem 700 SA Med. Rings

    Selling Talley Rem 700 SA 30mm Med. rings. Used to mount scope one, found out I needed higher rings and then they were put back in box. $30 shipped.
  4. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - NF Rings 30mm and 34mm

    Selling 1. NF Ultralite 30mm Low rings. These have been lightly used. No box for these rings. $110 shipped. 2. NF Ultralite 30mm Medium rings. These have been lightly used. Like new in box. $110 shipped. 3. NF Ultralite 30 mm High rings. These have been very lightly used. Like new in box $110...
  5. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - Leupold and BR2 Rangefinders

    Selling: 1. Leupold RX-1000i TBR DNA rangefinder. Used very little and then ended up in its case for the past 4 years as the G7 BR-2 was being used. Comes with case and quick reference sheet. $200 shipped. 2. G7 BR-2 Rangefinder. This is not the new 2500 model. This is the model before that...
  6. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - 1x fred Lapua 6 Dasher brass 187ct.

    Selling 187 pieces of 1x fired brass. This is Lapua brass that was purchased as hydro formed brass from Hunts Long Range. All brass is same lot. All brass is 1 x fired, annealed with AMP machine using Atec, sized with Whidden sizing die (non bushing) and trimmed with Giruard trimmer. Necks are...
  7. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - Hawk Hill 6mm HV 29" Blank

    Selling new Hawk Hill 6mm 7.5 twist SS Heavy Varmint 29" barrel blank. This is a 4 groove, .237 bore. $350 shipped
  8. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - 200ct. 105 Hybrid

    Same lot # Two boxes of 100ct. unopened Berger 105 Hybrid 6mm bullets. $60 shipped
  9. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - ARC 34mm Med. Rings

    ARC M10 Scope Rings. 34mm Med 1.1" Mounted one time. Like new. $155 shipped.
  10. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - APA Fat Bastard 6.5mm Brake

    5/8-24 threads. 6.5 cal., nitride finish. Used for 200 rounds. $150 shipped.
  11. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - Whidden Non-Bushing 6 Dasher Die Set

    Whidden 6mm Dasher Reloading Die set. This is the non-bushing die set with micrometer bullet seater. Used for 200 rounds. $150 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  12. DaveMarine1

    SOLD FS - Impact Precision 737R w/Impact by Stutevill 6 Dasher barrel

    Selling black carbon nitrided finish RH Impact Precision 737R receiver, .308 bolt face, with 26" M24 1-7.5 twist 5R .237 barrel w/ 5/8-24 muzzle threads. .274 neck dia. and .120 FB. Threaded and chambered by Stuteville. This is non cerakoted barrel. Barrel has 115 rounds on it. $1950 shipped...
  13. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - TriggerTech Rem 700 Diamond Trigger

    This is Pro Curve/Right hand. Used for not even 300 rounds. Is like new condition. Comes with factory box. $250 shipped
  14. DaveMarine1

    SOLD - XLR Envy Full Length Arca Swiss Chassis $600

    Chassis is JV heavy fill. Color is black. Right Hand. Tactical Buttstock. Ergo Grip. Inlet for Kelbly's Atlas Tactical. I used this for my Impact Precision 737R. Comes with action screws and original box. Very little use, is like new. $600 shipped
  15. DaveMarine1

    Selling ARC Rings

    Selling American Rifle Company 34mm Med. height rings. These are split rings and mount onto pic rail. Come with factory box. $130 shipped. Thank you
  16. DaveMarine1

    How do I delete a thread?

    I cannot find it under my edit tab or any where else. Can someone help please. All I get is SAVE PREVIEW CANCEL. I am on a desktop. I can see EDIT on my phone when I turn the screen, but see the same three options. I would like to delete me old for sale and selling posts. I searched posts and...
  17. DaveMarine1

    How do I delete a sold thread?

    I cannot find it under my edit tab or any where else. Can someone help please. All I get is SAVE PREVIEW CANCEL. I searched posts and found it was a permissions thing and that it should be fixed. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  18. DaveMarine1

    Defiance Deviant Tactical Short Action 308 Bolt Face Nitride

    NITRIDED Deviant Tactical Short action, 308 bolt face, .062 firing pin. Integral 20 MOA rail and recoil lug Stainless action body, 4340 chrome moly one piece bolt, std depth left spiral flutes, heavy tang swept back bolt handle, Tactical bolt knob, side bolt release, Defiance length port...
  19. DaveMarine1

    Jewel HVR-TS

    Selling Jewel Trigger HVR-TS for custom actions. Top Right Safety, no bolt release. $150 shipped. Thanks for looking, not interested in trades.
  20. DaveMarine1

    APA Little Bastard

    Selling APA Little Bastatd brake. This is 5/8x24 thread, nitride finish and a 6.5mm diameter. Has seen some use and works wonderfully! $100 shipped. Thanks for looking. Not interested in trades. David