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  1. lash

    Why are MOA guys the slowest?

    You saying that MOA guys calculate with their feet?
  2. lash

    Why are MOA guys the slowest?

    Why are MOA guys the slowest? Because of all the baggage...
  3. lash

    MOA vs Mil.

    You can think in both at the same time, it’s not difficult at all and requires no retraining. At work, we use both imperial and metric measurements every day and can and do switch back and forth at will, sometimes referencing both in the same sentence. At long range practice, especially while...
  4. lash

    .224 Valkyrie Hornady 88 ELD-match, Federal 75 FMJ factory ammunition

    I’m already all over those, sorry.
  5. lash

    MOA vs Mil.

    Well, that clinched it folks! We have us a real honest to goodness MOA vs mil thread here! It took a bit to get started, but it is on like donkey Kong. Can we get someone on here that still just uses clicks? That would be nice...
  6. lash

    .224 Valkyrie Hornady 88 ELD-match, Federal 75 FMJ factory ammunition

    I’ll take all three cases of the Hornady 88g ELDM Match. Pm incoming.
  7. lash

    WTS Hornady 6.5 140 eld- match bullets

    I’m take these. Pm incoming
  8. lash

    Sick of the 6.5....

    I think that anything less than .50 is a waste at a mile... But seriously, you make a big assumption that those using less than .338 are “throwing rounds at a mile”. Those that I have shot with that are using less than .338 are good marksman and are taking no longer to get on target than anyone...
  9. lash

    Nancy gets some Visitors

    Perfect! Thanks
  10. lash

    EDM not good for European competitions

    I’m guessing EDM Arms Windrunner or similar: And to the OP, it would definitely help if we knew which specific competitions you are interested in. ELR competitions?
  11. lash

    KOWA Spotters for Sale

    That’s a great deal on those Kowa scopes. I love Kowa, but am in Florida so picking one up locally might not work out from a financial perspective.
  12. lash

    New Rifle 260 Remington

    I do like 123s in a .260. Like lasers.
  13. lash

    Hello from South Florida

    Come on up and shoot some long range with us in Volusia. We have a couple guys that come up here from your area. We are geared towards new shooters.
  14. lash

    Operation MegaPhone: Quorum needed

    Insurances and business license? Minor, but necessary.
  15. lash

    New Rifle 260 Remington

    Nice rifle! I’m biased as I’ve many thousands of .260 rounds downrange. A few barrels worth. My favorite all around round. I almost can’t believe that I’m building a 6.5 Creedmoor hunting rifle, but wanted my brother and I to both be using the same round for that.
  16. lash

    Screw GoFundMe, refunding the wall donors

    And yet, we already know that that headline is misleading and another attempt to discredit the wall building effort.
  17. lash

    Gillette says men need to shave off their toxic masculinity

    Thus, the desire to get the male demographic back. Unfortunately for them, they are going after the ‘male’ demographic depicted in this post:... ...thinking that encompasses the young men with beards movement. Of course, we realize that the lumber-sexual were just the west coast spin on the...
  18. lash

    New shooter to focus on 100 yard groups?

    Yes, those are decent ammo types. Hornady black is not match ammo, but it should perform okay at 100-300.
  19. lash

    Gillette says men need to shave off their toxic masculinity

    They would much rather that boys would be girls.