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  1. Tempest 455

    Rebel Ridge Outfitters (Syracuse, KS) now has steel out to 3600 yards!

    Had a blast shooting there last year. Get the bison burger at the Black Bison Pub. There is a also a brand new hotel just west of the city.
  2. Tempest 455

    Berger 200.20x

    I have not but bought some to test. We use the 200 Hybrid. From discussions with others we compete with, many people who did try them went back to the 200 Hybrids. Every gun is different so I'll at least try them.
  3. Tempest 455

    Juggernaut 185 and scope base selection.

    At 1,200 I would try the Berger 200 Hybrids. They will leave the muzzle slower but will be much faster at the target at that distance.
  4. Tempest 455

    Juggernaut 185 and scope base selection.

    Let me ask why the 185 Juggs?
  5. Tempest 455

    What cartridge for a one mile shoot?

    I use RL33 with my .338. Using a Berger 300g with a muzzle velocity of 2800 FPS, I was just over 1,300 FPS at the mile target and still super sonic at 2,000 yards. A mile shot pretty repeatable with that combination. I have not noticed any more temp stability issues with RL33 than any other...
  6. Tempest 455

    Station vs absolute pressure

    Getting ready to head out west in quest of hopefully some 2,000 yard hits with my .338. Plugging data into JMB, I've noticed a significant difference in MOA between these two when shooting at higher altitude. Example: Checking pressure corrected (station pressure) I need approx 74 MOA for a...
  7. Tempest 455

    .338 - Spin drift at 2,000 yards

    Sorry if this has been posted before, I tried to search for it. Going to try my 1st attempts at 1,800-2,000 yards with my .338LM. Using a Berger 300 Hybrid going 2750 FPS. I've noticed how much I need to compensate for spin drift with this load out to 1,250 but want to hear what others have...
  8. Tempest 455

    Magnetospeed and Armalite .50 cal

    Has anyone been able to attach a the Magnetospeed bayo to this rifle? The brake is so big the bayo touches the brake and will not read. It has to come forward but then you have no way to strap it to the barrel. Looking for ideas.
  9. Tempest 455

    Need load info .50 BMG

    I looked through the stickys on here but looking for some specific feedback on these. Anyone have a good starting point for these bullets and powder for .50 cal? Will be a bolt action. South African 690 gr FMJ /ball 647 gr Hornaday 751 gr Will be using H50BMG powder. Shooting from 300 -...
  10. Tempest 455

    15 years old - 1,000 yards w/ target cam

    Had to post, another good video of my son last weekend. Very proud of his ability. He can control his breathing/trigger pull unlike many I know, including elders. When he gets older and can read the wind, he's going to be very good. He has 20/10 vision is his right eye and is downright awesome...
  11. Tempest 455

    Savage 12 Benchrest - Head space issue

    Update and to clarify on another post, my sons rifle is a 12 Model Benchrest, not F/TR as I had posted previously. Because of the light primer strike issue, I got to checking head space w/ the tape trick on the case head. (I know not the most accurate). I checked w/ a fired round of box ammo...
  12. Tempest 455

    Lapua .308 brass

    How many reloads are you guys getting out of your .308 Lapua? I have a friend that said he gets 6-8 loads and he is using a much hotter load than me. He's at 45.0 Varget, I'm at 43.5 - 43.7. I'm getting 3-4 loads max and the primer slides in w/ very little effort hand priming. Just curious...
  13. Tempest 455

    Black Hills 168 SMK - 600 yard F class

    Long story short: I'm trying to conserve my stash of 175 SMK and Varget for my son the rest of the season. I want to shoot a 600 yard F class this weekend with him. I've got just enough Black Hills 168 SMK box ammo to shoot a match (+sighters). They have been very accurate in my rifle out...
  14. Tempest 455

    Primer analysis

    I'm not an expert by any means reading primers. I did some chrono this AM with various loads. Was testing different cases, powders etc. All were within the recommended limits. I was using 2 different guns. One load seemed pretty hot for the barrel lengh, but again was within specs. Do these...
  15. Tempest 455

    Nightforce NXS 12-42X and 20 MOA base - 1,000 yard problem

    We shot 1,000 yard F class last year with different rifle/scope. So I bought a new combo for this year. I thought for sure I would have enough internal elevation with a 20 MOA base on my F/TR for 1,000. Does not look like it. Bought a Savage F/TR rifle used and it had a 20 MOA base on it. Guy...
  16. Tempest 455

    Node and POI

    Forgive me, I searched this and could not find exactly the answer I was looking for. Hoping someone has some insight on this. I've been working up a load for a new rifle. Got it close where I thought it should be. Then played with seating depth. Found the sweet spot for that. Went back and...
  17. Tempest 455

    100 yard indoor rifle - Kongsberg electronic target system

    Was out of town visting family over the holidays. I have been to this place before, so I brought an iron sight AR-15. This place has a Kongsberg electronic target system for indoor rifle. Was a riot. Here is my 15 year old shooting. If I had this range near my house, god knows how much I...
  18. Tempest 455

    Nightforce Comp 15-55

    Anyone have it for 1,000 yard F class and how do you like it?
  19. Tempest 455

    Savage F/TR - Pet load?

    I settled on a good load for my Savage 10BA last year when my son started shooting in F class. Now I'm changing to a Savage 12 F/TR 1-12 twist for next year. Anyone have a pet load for this rifle? Being a 30" barrel and different twist, I know I'm going to have to see what it likes.
  20. Tempest 455

    Chrono results for .308 F/TR

    Anyone mind sharing chrono results from .308 loads that shoot F/TR? The load was Winchester Brass, 175g SMK, 43.5 Varget. I just tested a bunch of loads and I'm seeing 25-27 ES and SD of 9. I'm thinking that's probably not as good as I should see. Each bullet was weighed and separated...