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  1. Dai Bando

    Precision rifle on a progressive press

    It seems like I see this asked about every week, so I figured I'd try and do a definitive description of how I do things on my 550's and the guys who do likewise can put in their 2 cents and maybe we could have something worthy of a sticky. Obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat...
  2. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    Anybody shooting the heavies in a .22 br? Powder? Barrel length? Speed?
  3. Dai Bando

    Forster neck bushings and expander buttons

    Forster neck bushings. Sizes .248, .249 and .250. Will come with Forster expander buttons for .20 and .224 caliber necks. $30 shipped. MO or personal check only.
  4. Dai Bando

    Sinclair mandrels

    Sinclair mandrels. Tool steel. All expanding mandrels are like new. Turning mandrels have been used on less than 500 rds each. .20 expander .22 expander .22 turning 6mm expander 6mm turning 6.5mm expander $45 shipped. I will not split these up. I don't want any trades. MO or personal...
  5. Dai Bando

    Redding Type S dies

    Redding .223AI type S neck sizer and body die. No bushing. $110 shipped Redding .308 Type S FL sizer. No bushing. $55 shipped. Personal check or MO only. Not looking for any trades guys.
  6. Dai Bando

    Bighorn request

    Any chance we could get some pics of all the different bolt handles on actions? About to squeeze teh trigger on an Origin and the swept bolt with the shorter ones is stalling me out.
  7. Dai Bando

    KRG Bravo

    Like new KRG Bravo for a RH SA 700 in Sako Green. All hardware included. $325 shipped. MO or personal check - wait for funds to clear. No trades.
  8. Dai Bando

    .223AI 1-8" twist bbl'd action m700

    M700 .223AI CM bbl'd action with a black Cerakoted 1-8" McGowan #4 at 21". Cerrakote is pretty rough and I tried to show in pics. Pinned Holland recoil lug. Lug wouldn't fit the MDT LSS so I milled it down to standard tombstone lug dimensions. EGW 20 moa rail included. A guy that goes by the...
  9. Dai Bando

    .223AI 1-8" Stainless bbl'd action

    M700 .223AI with a 1-8" twist 21" Pacnor in Remington Magnum Sporter contour. Round count is somewhere near 1,000. Action and bbl are Cerakoted black. There is a little wear on the action just behind the ejection port I tried to show in the pics. Bolt has been Micro slicked and the firing pin...
  10. Dai Bando

    WTT .223AI Redding Type S neck and body dies

    Looking to trade my .223AI Redding Type S neck and body dies for a .223AI Redding Type S Full Length sizer. Thanks, Higgins
  11. Dai Bando

    Calvin Elite 2 stage - flat blade

    Calvin 2 stage with flat blade for Rem 700. No bolt release. $140 shipped. MO only. No trades please.
  12. Dai Bando

    Vudoo Grayboe Renegade w/ dbm

    Vudoo inlet Grayboe Renegade with dbm. Kukri contour. Like new. Will fit a SA 700 with a minor bit of filing on the ejection port. Like new. $350 shipped. MO only. No trades.
  13. Dai Bando

    Anschutz 54 Match

    Anschutz 54 Match. Dual extractors. Light bbl contour. Some light surface rust and a bit of blueing wear. Just had the stock done professionally with Duracoat in Gap camo. Two stage trigger set at 4 oz. No bipod but will include the stud for the Anschutz rail. $950 shipped from individual to...
  14. Dai Bando

    Anschutz 54 match bbl'd action - 5018 trigger $400

    Anschutz 54 match barreled action with 5018 trigger. No bolt. This has the lighter contoured barrel. Blueing is good. MT Guns import stamp on barrel. Mac sold this to a friend of mine and installed the trigger. He also cut off the safety as this model had the safety on the bolt. Shot really good...
  15. Dai Bando

    Long range .22lr target size

    I've been shooting 4" out to 450. Pretty challenging, but I learn a bit with every trigger pull. I was reading the Vudoo thread and someone mentioned a 16" plate at 400 something. Seemed a bit large to me. What size steel are you guys hanging for distant .22 stuff?
  16. Dai Bando

    Whidden 6 Dasher Micrometer Seater

    Whidden 6 Dasher micrometer seating die. $85 shipped. Photobucket sucks, so if you'd like pics just pm me. MO only. Sorry, no trades.
  17. Dai Bando

    Whidden 6 Dasher Micrometer Seater and 105 Amax

    For Sale- Whidden 6 Dasher Micrometer Seating die. $100 shipped Hornady 105 Amax. 500 each. Same lot. $115 shipped Photobucket sucks so PM if you need pics. Postal MO only. First I'll take it followed by a PM wins.
  18. Dai Bando

    Strider SnG Gunner Grips

    User Strider SnG with Gunner Grip. I used this one for several years and it shows. I got some of that expandable foam on the blade and it just wouldn't come off, so I polished it up and the stripes went away. Lock up is a bit loose. $400 obo shipped. MO only.
  19. Dai Bando

    Manners EH1 700 SA

    Manners EH1 for a 700 SA, M5 dbm inlet, #4 contour, painted Gap camo, 13.5" lop, dual sling studs, flush cups and pillars. $650 shipped. MO preferred. Not looking for any trades.