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  1. Dai Bando

    Neck or fl die, beginner question

    Don't forget to punch the primer out before measuring.
  2. Dai Bando

    Bolt Action Valkyrie

    Can't make this shit up. I had a guy at a match a few weeks ago, tell me (after I told him I was shooting a 22br) "I gave up on that light weight stuff." He said he shot a .220 Swift last year. Me: "Fast twist .220 Swift?" Him: "Yeah." Me: "What bullet?" Him: "55 Noslers." Me: "What...
  3. Dai Bando

    Need some guidance

    Barrett Fieldcraft if you wanna go light. or Tikka CTR if you wanna go on the heavy side. I'd do either in 6.5 Creedmoor, shoot the Hornady 147 eld-m factory ammo and go flatten some stuff.
  4. Dai Bando

    Redding Type S bushing set - 2 die or 3 die?

    You can make straighter ammo with the FL die.
  5. Dai Bando

    What Die Set Would You Recommend for 6BR?

    I'd do a Harrels sizer and a Forster seater.
  6. Dai Bando

    Complete Bighorn TL3 system.....

    Josh is good to go in my book. Free bump.
  7. Dai Bando

    Should I bother to anneal

    Man, I sure would.
  8. Dai Bando

    load development isnt going smoothly, i need a common sense check

    Sounds to me like you've got some bugs to work out with the new rifle or scope. Swap a known good scope on there first. And by all means, feel free to clean your brass....
  9. Dai Bando

    .224 Valkyrie bolt gun

    A 22br shooting 88's at 2,940 with tiny es/sd, next to no recoil, barely any vertical, killer brass and dupes 6 Dasher ballistics to 1,300 with no fire forming and only runs $20 per hundred bullets is a tough act to follow. I get that the Valkyrie has ok to good factory ammo. In a bolt gun...
  10. Dai Bando

    Looking for powder recommendations for 243 ackley

    A case full of Reloder 26 is good stuff in mine.
  11. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    Will do. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    2,500-3,000 is my guess.
  13. Dai Bando

    Two sets of dies for two rifles same calibre???

    I'm not after plinking ammo and I don't think the op is either.
  14. Dai Bando

    Two sets of dies for two rifles same calibre???

    Seperate everything into 100 rd lots then label it. Easy to do with a set of dies too.
  15. Dai Bando

    Two sets of dies for two rifles same calibre???

    I'd get a second die set and keep brass seperated in 100 round mtm boxes. Man, some of the advice I read around here almost sounds like some of you guys don't actually shoot.
  16. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    Went and played in the wind today. 88's in a .22br are a damn fun ride. 1.5" vertical at 600 yards with 32 grains of Reloder 16 and a 2,940 launch. 18-20mph gusts. Dope tracks right with my 6 Dasher out to 1,300 yards and runs $13 cheaper per 100.
  17. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    A lot more than 150 fps can be had. I wanna say Steve123 was pushing 88's in a .223AI @ 2,800 in a loooong bbl. Varget was pushing 3,000 fps in my 21". Brass is killer, oal is short enough to do whatever you want, aics mags work great and single feeding on top of empty mags kicks a .223's...
  18. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    NSS 15 or 16 weeks.
  19. Dai Bando

    .22 br

    If there's any growth at the base, my calipers aint showing it. I'm using a Redding fl Type S. Doesn't seem to be doing much at the base. Fired brass sizes down .0015 thou at the shoulder. You seem rather in tune with what you want a reamer to do and where, so I'd suggest ordering one exactly...