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    Favorite rifle drills?

    What are your top 3 drills for your precision rifle? I would break them down by 100 or 200 yard range and 200 to 1k range. Same question for carbine only I would break them down to 25 to 100 yards and beyond 100 yards. I'm going for those things that you do almost every time. Where you...
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    Well used brass - expander mandrel & turn?

    I have some well used brass - 308 Lapua and Lake City LR and 300 Win Mag Navy WW and Lapua. I did not turn the necks. After many firings, the neck thickness is not consistent from the top to the bottom of the neck. When I seat, bullets start smoothly then I push past a "ring" where the neck...
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    Lake City Match brass, headstamps 63 and 66. Anyone know anything about it?

    I have 128 pieces of this brass. I just prepped and weighed it. The weight is very consistent -- about 90% is plus or minus 1 grain. Primer pockets are tight. It seems a little softer than LC LR. I was going to load it up and shoot it. Anyone know any history on it? Why was it made? Anything?