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    Sold - Spuhr SP4001 34mm 1-Piece scope mount

    Sold Like new condition Spuhr SP4001 34mm one piece scope mount. Used very little, no dents, dings or scratches. Comes with mount, Allen key, scope leveling wedge (not pictured). Ring size 34mm Cant 0 MIL/0 MOA Height 30 mm/1.181" Length: 121 mm/4.76" Asking $350 shipped to your door...
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    SOLD - JAE 700 Short Action - Coyote Tan / Black

    SOLD!!! This is an excellent condition JAE 700 short action chassis in coyote tan / black. I’ve had it for about a year and it’s hardly seen the light of day. Everything on it is perfect, comes with one rail section which is attached to the bottom, palm rest spacers, action shins and some set...
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    Sold - Kahles K624i - SKMR Reticle - Nightforce Ultralight 6-Screw Rings - Tennebraex Covers

    Sold The scope was purchased for a long range hunting build that never came through so I ended up using it on top of a Vudoo .22lr for the last 6 months. Scope was purchased last year, it has not seen the outside of the local indoor range. Everything is 100% flawless, in like new condition...
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    bertram vs norma brass

    I’ve had nothing but problems with Norma brass in my 300 Norma and 300 Win Mag. Way too soft, show pressure prematurely, sticky extraction on moderate loads. I’ll never touch the stuff again. No experience with Bertram but so far I’m very impressed with the brass Peterson is offering.
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    300 Norma Mag

    Just did some experimenting with Reloader 33 this morning. 90 grains got me 3012 avg with a 230 Berger. I maxed out with pressure at 93 grains and almost 3100 FPS. 1x Norma brass, 28” bartlein 9 twist. So far the powder seems promising. Prior to this I was only getting 2920-2940 ish with...
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    Anschutz question

    My 1710 (54 action) is a repeater, it takes the same mags the 64 repeaters do.
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    6 SLR out of Peterson or Starline?

    Peterson brass would be a nice option but just out of curiosity, are you having any issues with rem or win brass? I’ve got 10+ loadings on my current lot of 6.5 SLR brass and it looks like it will last several more. Not the absolute best quality but after a little prep it seems to work pretty well
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    300 Norma Mag

    Its way off for me. I'm pushing 2940 with 83.6 GR of Retumbo and a 230 Berger Hybrid. I get stuck cases, hard bolt lift and a bunch of other pressure problems if I go north of 85 grains. Accuracy is good, so far around 1/2 moa out to 600 yards. This is with Norma brass which only seems to last...
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    Anschutz question

    Its a phenomenal gun. The bolt knob and picatinny rail are from DIP Inc. The bolt handle is threaded and the knobs come off fairly easily, no major surgery required to swap em out. Heres the info direct from the custom shop on the work done on each rifle: In the Custom Shop, each rifle receives...
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    Anschutz question

    My Lilja barreled Vudoo and my Anschutz Custom Shop 1710 both shoot neck and neck. Generally speaking, either rifle averages in the .6xx" range at 100 yards off bipod. Both rifles cost nearly the same and have strengths and weaknesses. The 5109 trigger in the Annie is unlike anything I've ever...
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    I’ve played around with the diopter settings for hours, that was the first placed I looked. Unfortunately no joy... it seems like something is “off”. What I also noticed is at 1x it appears that the image through the scope is significantly smaller than it should be. I can move the magnification...
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    True, and I’m aware of the compromises in the design of the scope. I just expected the distortion in the optical compromises to come on the top end, not the 1x end. That’s what made me wonder if there was something wrong. I’ll try and get a photo up today.
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    I’ve owned an older Nightforce 1-4, a Razor HD 1-6, SWFA 1-6, and a Meopta 1-4. None had this shitty edge distortion on 1x
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    I got my NX8 a few days ago and mounted it up in a Geissele mount. First thing I noticed is how bad ass bright the reticle is on 1x.... As mentioned above, this thing is nuclear bright. I might say its brighter than my Aimpoint T2! Love the scope, except the only thing that bothers me is mine...
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    Strongest .22lr bolt action

    Aguila has their Super Maximum .22 LR ammo that claims to hit 1,700 fps with a 30 grain bullet. I've shot a few hundred through a 10/22 but never confirmed the velocity. You can definitely feel the difference between that stuff and CCI std. velocity.