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  1. Iamero

    Need a 3-9 or 4-12 hunting scope

    Not something I’m normally after but I need to complete my lightweight hunting rifle because I really don’t want to drag my 17lb rifle around anymore when I go out hunting again. 1”, black (matte or gloss), 3-9 or 4-12, needs to be 40mm or 32mm objective to fit in my rings. Looking at just...
  2. Iamero

    AW magwell dimensions?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has the bottom of the action magwell dimensions handy for using AW mags. The only reference I could see was on defiance’s website about .400” wider but didn’t know if that was correct, and if so, .4” wider than what? Specifically I am wondering if a Tuebor Raider...
  3. Iamero

    PTR CT9 (MP5 clone) and CZ Bren 805 (Scar replica basically)

    I’ve got both of these in my safe and hardly ever have both on the range at the same time and don’t need two “bug out” style guns. I’m letting one of them go so whichever sells first goes, and I’ll keep the other. 1) PTR CT9 unfired. Has had a round chambered and suppressor attached, but never...
  4. Iamero

    WTB Leupold VX-1 3-9 or 4-12 or similar

    Looking for a nice hunting scope with 1” tube, 40-44mm objective, under $200. Let me know what you’ve got!
  5. Iamero

    WTS My Beloved 28 Nazzzzzler

    Have you wanted to own one of these smashers but haven’t taken the leap yet? Does the idea of having one in your safe keep you up at night? Well then here’s your chance to have your hands on your very own instead of just having a stiffy for it! Put the rifle in sniper rifle by acquiring this...
  6. Iamero

    MDT ESS chassis for R700 short action or clones

    I just took this on because I was going to do another build but decided to hold off on that one for a bit because I owe my wife a vacation, haha. Just got done cerakoting the black parts and didn’t realize the cheek riser wasn’t a rigid plastic and melted it, so I have a brand new one on its...
  7. Iamero

    Vortex Razor Gen II 3-18 Mil EBR2C - Trade pending

    Title pretty much says it all. I also have a throw lever that I will include with the scope. Comes with box and all the factory goodies. I was going to use this on my 223 but I don’t think the Sightron on there is going to sell so I’m going to let this one go instead. It’s like new and ready to...
  8. Iamero

    MPA 6.5 self timing muzzle brake

    6.5mm, 5/8x24 threads. I haven’t fired it since it got a fresh coat of cerakote. Going to be exclusively running a can on here so letting this one go. $100 shipped.
  9. Iamero

    Left Hand Tuebor Raider SS action

    Short Action, 20 MOA rail included, 308 bolt face. Unused; unmolested. I think they retail for $1200 plus the rail or $1200 with the rail. Anyways, $999 shipped to your FFL. I can have my FFL ship it so you dont need to worry about yours accepting from an individual.
  10. Iamero

    WTS a couple more of my long range beauties

    Looking to free up some more room and move 3 more of my long range rifles. I should have most info below other than weight. You shouldn’t even have to ask, that 300 is a heavy ass prick. BiPod, scope and rings aren’t included unless indicated so. 1) 300 Win mag (I’ll have to look up who built...
  11. Iamero

    MagnetoSpeed V1 Chronograph

    I'm going to be using my friend's labradar for the next little bit so I don't need this sitting on my safe not getting any use. It works very and has only been used about 10 times total. It comes with the box and everything from factory. These were $265 new before they were discontinued, and I...
  12. Iamero

    WTB Dillon 550B or C with 223 conversion

    Title pretty much says it all. I might consider a 650 as well but need one already set up with the 223 conversion. Going to have one run all my 9mm and another for 223 so I dont have to switch between conversions on my one press. Let me know what you have. I’ve got trades or cash.
  13. Iamero

    Cleaning House - Yard Sale!

    Cleaning off the safe and reloading bench. Paypal gift highly preferred but will take USPS MO if you don't do PayPal. Please post what number you will take publicly so there are no time stamp discrepancies. 1) 750 x Nosler 105 RDF factory firsts, all same lot #, original version. One full box...
  14. Iamero

    ATACR F1 5-25 H59

    Title says most of it. The scope is in great shape and comes with the factory box and sunshade and caps. I’m freeing up some cash to pay off student loans so this one needs to go for now even though I think it’s one of the best scopes out there for the money. I already have another scope to...
  15. Iamero

    Accuracy first 34mm scope levels

    I have two of them in great shape. $70 each via PayPal or $130 for both! Black and looks just like new.
  16. Iamero

    Sightron Siii FFP 6-24 Mil

    Mil hash FFP 6-24 Sightron Siii. I have the box and sunshade for it. It’s an amazing optic and serves its entire life on my 223. Has the popular floating dot center reticle with mil hashes on the elevation and windage. Asking $700 shipped. PayPal preferred. Plenty of ring options available...
  17. Iamero

    SWFA non-illuminated 5-20x50mm Mil/Mil

    Title says most of it. No box or sunshade for it, came off a match rifle so it has some scuffs on the bell in a couple places but glass is perfect. I’m second owner so I don’t have a complete history on it but it’s been bulletproof on my 300 Win mag. Tracks tried and true. If anything happens...
  18. Iamero

    Spuhr SP-3001 1.18" 30mm 0 MOA cant - Like new

    I have a Spuhr that is in great shape. It was on one of the NXS scopes that I sold so I don't need it anymore since I am going to 34mm on that gun. I don't have the box or the wedge for it unfortunately because it came on a scope and never had those accessories. $290 shipped or trade for a...
  19. Iamero

    Wanted to Sell: 35mm rings and Wanted to Buy: 34mm rings

    I have two sets of 35mm rings: 1) TPS TSR steel low rings -$70 shipped 2) Vortex Precision Rings 1.26" - $80 shipped I need a set of 34mm rings between .92" and 1.1", but could also use a 1.5" set of rings for my chassis. I would trade the 35mm rings for a set or will buy outright. Let me...
  20. Iamero

    WTS various 6mm and 6.5mm Bartlein blanks

    Hey guys, took a handful of barrels as payment for a scope I was selling so I figured I would pass these on to you guys. The barrels are less than 3 months old. Asking $320 shipped each and $300 for each additional if you want multiple shipped at the same time. (4) 6mm Heavy Palma 7.25 twist...