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  1. geistacwm

    WTS Centurion Mlok 308. 13"

    Title says it. Super stout, rigid and slim rail. I love it, but spent too much in recent days. Derp. Its been mocked up only. Virtually new. Comes as shown.. Looking for 160 shipped. Please PM here. Thanks!
  2. geistacwm

    WTB Genesis 308 upper

  3. geistacwm

    +1 fot streetbob_grayrider and svxwilson

    To easy deals with solid dudes.
  4. geistacwm

    WTS Colt FDE and ODG buffer tubes. Anodized. DDC.

    Btt. Not a lot of traction here...
  5. geistacwm

    WTB Armalite Ar10 12" rail.

    Still looking!
  6. geistacwm

    WTB Armalite Ar10 12" rail.

    Btt. Someones gotta have this in their bin..
  7. geistacwm

    WTS/TT FN CHF 18" 308 barrel. *SOLD*

    They both went for too cheap considering. Glad youre pleased bro!