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  1. jb1000br

    How to pick the right scope mount for your rifle...with pics and explaination

    Every day I pair up many rifles and scopes for guys, but to those that dont do this every day it can be a bit daunting with all of the choices. Derek's article below will hopefully make it a bit easier! PICKING THE RIGHT SCOPE MOUNT Enjoy! Any questions or comments let me know.
  2. jb1000br

    Tikka T1x - FIRST LOOK - hands-on with pics

    **T1X LINK - SPECS** The first ones have been delivered after much waiting! Got hands-on them today! I see many custom alterations of this one in the future! *1/2-28 muzzle thread *.860 hole spacing on a flat-top, so it will not take the normal T3 rail (pictured), but would accept a 2 piece...
  3. jb1000br

    ONE OF A KIND Tikka AICS with 308 sporter barreled action

    Now that I run an AI AX rifle this one gets no love, time to go to someone who can get some use out of it and appreciate its uniqueness. Tikka sporter barreled action in 308 win, cut/crowned and threaded 3/4x28 at 21" with thread cap. Shoots sub 1/2" any time I have put it on paper at 100yards...
  4. jb1000br

    WTS: **PRICE DROP** Aimpoint T1 2moa x 2, and LRP qd mount

    PRICE DROP ON ALL Everything shown is near new, no mark's to mention Both units are Aimpoint T1 2moa, 1 with original low mount, 1 without mount...and also an LRP lever qd mount with 39mm spacer...same condition T1 with low mount $450 plus ship T1 without mount, $400 plus ship LRP lever...
  5. jb1000br

    WTS kestrel 5700 Elite with applied ballistics and link - LIKE NEW

    98% condition, latest version of the unit with applied ballistics and bluetooth etc, normal price $699 I switched to blaze orange so my son wouldn't let it sitting in my yard somewhere for me to mow :eek: $475 shipped
  6. jb1000br

    HEADS-UP - New Nightforce Models: 4-16x50, BEAST, 7-35, 3-10x42 SHV

    Well, I for one have been wanting a 4-16x50 ATACR F1 for quite a while as I have been running the 42mm since it came out and absolutely love it (as do many others I have spoken with), so I am glad they finally saw the light there! Also seeing the light (lol), they illuminated the 3-10x42 SHV -...
  7. jb1000br

    Tangent Theta Gen3 XR - details and images

    Well, it is nearly a reality for those that have been wanting our friends in the north to come out with a new reticle. All of you floating dot lovers will finally have an option in the world of Tangent Theta! Expected arrival is first Quarter 2019, so I would expect to be able to look thru one...
  8. jb1000br

    WTS: BIGEYES 20-70x82 meopta S2 bigeyes with accessories, full kit

    Cleaning up the gunroom... Hate to do it but have to let these go as my hunting methods have changed trying to get my young sons in the game, and I expect that to continue for quite some time. Total package would cost well over 6k to replicate (not counting rangefinder and red dot...those are...
  9. jb1000br

    WTS: Nightforce 5-25x56 ATACR MOAR-T, 99% condition

    Safe cleaning time...moving a few things that aren't getting used...first up: Like new, no real mark's to mention. Original box and bungee has absconded during a move it seems, but sunshade will ship in a nightforce box, but not the original lol $1850 + ship Thanks! Jason
  10. jb1000br

    Quick Detach Torture Test: AI AX rifle and ERA-TAC Adjustable mount

    AI AX Barrel and scope QD test - LINK TO FULL STORY Check out the results when we decided to shoot groups with my AX while removing the barrel between every shot...then the scope...then both - the last group while taking both barrel and scope off the rifle was pretty incredible I think... AI...
  11. jb1000br

    Accuracy International AX 6.5 Creed + Tangent Theta + ERA-TAC = Magic

    CHECK IT OUT --> AI AX + TANGENT + ERA-TAC + LRA Bipod = BUGHOLES With hunting season over and varmint season close, it was time to remove the 16" 308 barrel and 4-16 ATACR and install the Tangent Theta and 6.5 Creed barrel for some serious groundhog medicine. I tossed back on my Tangent in an...
  12. jb1000br

    Hilarious Review on AI AX rifle for your Entertainment

    Guys, Check out this review -- too funny not to share FUNNY AI AX REVIEW Feel free to post your 300yd groups from your AI with factory ammo so we can show what is possible ;)
  13. jb1000br

    Leica ER5 Hunting scopes at STUPID discounts! Check it out!

    Guys, We just made a large buy of discounted ER5 scopes and we are passing on the deal - these have only been up for an hour and they are blowing up - grab them while you can! **LEICA ER5 SALE PAGE** Thanks Jason
  14. jb1000br

    SB PMII Sale + $250 giftcard - EXTENDED THRU TODAY 10/31 for SH members

    Get it while it is still around - got 1 more day added for SH members: SH PMII sale + $250 GiftCard Contact me if any problems! If you order one yet today from the list above, best to PM me your web-order # so I can make sure you get the card. Thanks! Jason
  15. jb1000br

    Nightforce - 25th Anniversary Rifle giveaway - incredible promo, check it out!

    Nightforce 25th Anniversary Rifle Giveaway You can get a free special edition upgrade Ruger 10-22 just for buying a Nightforce scope! I must say this is one of the coolest promos I have seen in the industry. Enjoy! Jason
  16. jb1000br

    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle While there is no shortage of chassis rifles out there, after getting hands on Christensen's version for the first time tonight it was clear to me that they knocked it out of the park on this one. On top of all the right features, they killed it on the price...
  17. jb1000br

    Hard to Find VORTEX PST GEN 2 scopes READY TO SHIP - 5-25 FFP MIL and MOA

    Heads-up - Just got a few of each of these in today - these have been in massive demand and short supply 5-25 FFP MOA 5-25 FFP MIL Thanks! Jason
  18. jb1000br

    WTS - 6.5 Creedmoor Brass - Weight Sorted Hornady - 2000pcs

    Cleaning out the gunroom a bit - 2000rd batch of 1x fired (was factory hornady match ammo in match rifles) Would like to sell the whole lot, but will start breaking it up if needed. THIS IS ENTIRELY Weight sorted and separated to the 0.1gn. $35/100 + ship PRICE DROP$30/100 +ship Thanks! Jason
  19. jb1000br

    Riflescope Blowout @ EuroOptic - Hensoldt, Zeiss, Leica, Minox, Meopta etc

    Head up guys - we are now in our new building and looking to free up some space - some serious discounts popping up, many below cost even - grab them while you can. I am sure there will be more to follow, so I will update as I see them arise. SCOPE DEALS **LINK** Thanks! Jason
  20. jb1000br

    Hensoldt 3.5-26 with H59 Reticle - $4999!

    Guys, Since moving to our new location we are trying to clear out a few things, so here is another ridiculous deal on an amazing piece of gear - 30% discount! There were only ever a couple dozen of these imported to the US (H59 ret)! Hensoldt ZF 3.5-26x56 H59 reticle - sand color - $4999...