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  1. Diver160651

    Labradar or Magneto Speed

    I have both and still use both Cons: MS - 1. causes harmonics change 2. load work up may require not using it for some parts. LabRadar - 1- needs open area to read correctly 2- more fragile Pros MS- 1. Small 2. Can use in any environment LabRadar- 1. Can use during all facets of load...
  2. Diver160651

    Scope for a .338 LM...???

    Just to add, the hold is great, but you will end up on the funky part of your scope with the FOV limited when on your lower holds. Also, ELR is a game of misses. Spotting and Comunications are key. They need to be fast so you can get another shot in the same wind, SFP really can cause...
  3. Diver160651

    Scope for a .338 LM...???

    Here is the rub. You should be looking at something like the ATCAR line old Razor whatever. But I get you wanting to be at the cheapest scope possible, but there is more to this than having “just” enough. I am not a MOA guy but looking at my Data book on one of my 338s @ 1800, I needed...
  4. Diver160651

    Scope for a .338 LM...???

    So you looking at SFP scopes too? I’ve had all the scopes you’ve mentioned - but none of thouse would live on one of my ELR guns, unless you opted for the 3-15 versions of somthing like the XTRII with 120moa of travel- There just is not an elevation travel in those choices, for a solid ELR...
  5. Diver160651

    Scope for a .338 LM...???

    Look at the Razor HD 5-2o Gen1. I had 35+ mils/120moa+ elevation travel The other scopes you mentioned in the 5-25 have only 2oish (unless you drop down to the 14-15 power scopes) - (used might be a solid option-I just sold one for $1150 with rings, Addland caps and flatline level.)
  6. Diver160651

    Procedure for cleaning AR barrel? I think I've done fudged up.

    Funny thing I almost NEVER ever use a Bore bursh. I soak it a bit with Whipe Out and use patches.. I think we often over complicate things
  7. Diver160651

    Starting a new review series

    I would really like to see FOV shown at min power and maybe 10-15x. One thing I have seen over and over is people get a scope for it's max power only to struggle finding targets even when on reasonable power. As an example, this type of general misunderstanding was almost comical when the NRL22...
  8. Diver160651

    Best Self-timing Muzzle Brake out there?

    I run a few smith installed barkes and agree with jeffmedlin on the Termiators for the bigger guns like the 338.. very very effective. I'm with Sheldon N on the ability of the 419 to stay on target - of course you almost have to free-recoil a 6.5 on a medium weight gun to see the difference...
  9. Diver160651

    Lubrication for FL sizing

    I've tried just about everything I can think of, going way overboard on most very possible detail and now I am back to the "good enough" camp with my reloading even for PR matches. I've pulled everything back even reduced the number of calibers I use, sold of a bunch of my wiz band benchrest...
  10. Diver160651

    David Tubb's Leupold Mark 8 scope with his DTR reticle ?

    Thanks I get that Thanks I get that idea. My question was a total gear lower - using the scope as a spotter and calling corrections for mixed systems. Using my scope to spot my “correction” call to my partner might be L.6 - Is there also a mil scale for wind? Or are you suggesting after he...
  11. Diver160651

    What do you guys use to store your bags?

    Got it.. I get it. But it isn’t switching every couple of years if one knew that some of the 7-9 lbs bags are bs to start.
  12. Diver160651

    What do you guys use to store your bags?

    Empty you GSII pug ut on the scale.. So it weighs about the same as a game changer, actual more!.. yikes. Since you’re rethinking this stuff you can go way smaller than what you have, lighter and pop a few bags on the outside and an RRS tripod
  13. Diver160651

    California fires

    Here what it still looks like at my house 200 miles away 11-15 The road in the image is fairly straight- but now you can only see a few hundred yards. Normally I would see the redwoods above these oaks, clear as a bell. Now it looks like sky
  14. Diver160651

    Looking for Advice

    wigwamitus -- That thing is so short - what end is the front? :) BTW shooting lefty?
  15. Diver160651

    Has anyone backordered an Aadmount?

    Not sure this helps but I have backorder their scope caps 1/2 dozen times.. It almost is freaky how quite it is, then they show up super fast, maybe 1 week the most 2. I had a warrantee issue.. and again super fast.. not much BS talk in between just seems he is super efficient.
  16. Diver160651

    Proof Switch

    You can’t.. But when Smith Custom chambers he has already done that. That’s why it makes sense sometimes have a couple barrels chamber at the same time :-) then all you have to do is spend them off at home or even at the range
  17. Diver160651

    200 yd groups not what expected

    We ARE saying the same. FWIW I also do not shoot magnums only smaller calibers in PRS/NRL or field type matches. Nor do I use the Vudoo 22 for anything but NRL22, Where in our NRL22 matches it is like cheating. I also posted several places in this thread acknowledging that anybody period...
  18. Diver160651

    Proof Switch

    Yes Marc can. But do you need to have it spun on if you are getting pre-fits or already threaded? If I was getting pre-fit even for the Big Horn I’d consider a set of gauges - maybe just out of old school case head separation anxiety- I think either Smith is GTG as are a ton of others- the...
  19. Diver160651

    My brother posted a picture blatantly breaking a law......

    I think if he was in Santa Cruz California he really would be breaking the law. No plastic straws. BO is fine there though