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  1. QuietShootr

    JP HP bolt - preemptive buy?

    My LMT 6.5 MWS is supposed to be in soon, and I’m thinking about ordering the JP small pin bolt just to ensure I don’t start having primer issues with handloads right out of the gate. Do any of you guys with a 6.5 MWS have issues with the factory bolt?
  2. QuietShootr

    Vectronix Terrapin FDE 100% condition $1500 shipped

    Bought new from EuroOptic in 2015. Never been dropped, bumped, or abused- includes factory case and manual.
  3. QuietShootr

    Correct Spuhr mount for 50mm NF NXS on LMT MWS?

    Will the 1.35” height alllow the objective to clear the rail, or will I need the 1.5”?
  4. QuietShootr

    FS FN SPR A3G $2650 SOLD

    Pics will be added tomorrow. I have the factory box and papers for the A3G, and its test target (0.15" at 100 yards), plus a complete logbook (~1400 rounds fired, carefully). It’s been fitted with the CDI Precision DBM by CDI Precision (uses AICS mags), four magazines (2 Alpha 10-rounders, 2...
  5. QuietShootr

    LMT MWS 6.5CM - yes or no?

    Finally got sick of fucking with my AXMC piercing primers in 6.5, so I’m thinking about another gun. Are the 20” 6.5 MWSs shooting worth a shit, or is this going to be something else that will wind up pissing me off and requiring lots of TLC to get it to shoot well and function correctly?
  6. QuietShootr

    AXMC LA small pin bolt?

    i just got the .308 bolt body for my AXMC, and since I’m planning on shooting small-primer Creedmoor brass I’m thinking it might be good to get another firing pin assembly and have it turned down and the bolt bushed, since this isn’t a factory option for the long action. Anyone done this yet...
  7. QuietShootr

    **SPF!!**Sako TRG-42 .300WM Desert Tan with 4 magazines and many extras $3000

    This is mine - please check the link for more details. It includes: Spuhr 44.4 MOA Unimount Atlas bipod adapter 4 magazines PTG Action Wrench Badger FTE brake Box/manual/tools/manual Pac-Nor 1:8 polygonal 28" barrel, black nitride by H&M Metal Processing Post-2014 upgrades - metal trigger...
  8. QuietShootr

    New AXMC owner...question

    Just joined the AXMC owners' club - and I have to tell you, the Kool-Aid tastes GOOOOD. I'm having an issue, though, which surprises me a little. The rifle is a .300 WM, and I only have one magazine as of today. When I use the magazine, if I load it so that the top round is on the right...
  9. QuietShootr

    F-open 1k score

    I shot a 1000x3 yesterday with my TRG-42 .300 off a Harris, and scored 185-1x, 185-2x, and 185-2x. Considering this rifle is NOT set up for F-class, what say the experts here? Decent?
  10. QuietShootr

    ATACR on TRG-42 - Which Spuhr ISMS?

    All I need is 20 MOA, and I'd like to keep it mounted as low as possible. What's the lowest Spuhr that I can use in this application? Thanks!
  11. QuietShootr

    Barrel shank dimension and thread for TRG-42?

    Does anyone know what diameter blank I should order for a new TRG barrel, and what the thread pitch and LH or RH is? Thank you!
  12. QuietShootr

    .300WM sizing issue - FL Type S shaving brass off case body?

    I recently started loading .300WM for a Sako TRG-42, and one of the things I was advised to get up front was the Innovative magnum collet die along with the usual Type S neck and FL dies. I found the Innovative die does what it's advertised to do (i.e. size the part of the belted magnum case...
  13. QuietShootr

    TRG42 .300 accuracy potential?

    What should I expect out of this gun? I'm still trying to work up a load. It looks like it wants to shoot, the CBS goes right into the X-ring at 100 every time. It's after I get a few rounds down that one will jump out of the cloverleaf, and I think it's me and not the gun. Most of the...
  14. QuietShootr

    4 dead Federal 215 primers out of 25 rounds?

    They didn't fire even on the 2nd restrike, which I would think would be plenty if it were a seating problem. Is there a known bad lot of 215s? The firing pin indents are strong and clear - it's not the gun.
  15. QuietShootr

    BR2 primers OK with RL22 in .300WM?

    If it was a .308 I'd just go out and shoot, but when you consider it costs about $0.45 in barrel life every time I pull the trigger, I thought I'd check here first. My load is going to be 208 AMAX using RL22 in Win Super brass, and I have a choice of Federal 215s, CCI 250s, or CCI BR2s. I use...
  16. QuietShootr

    1x fired GI .300WM brass - cost?

    I think someone might be trying to screw me. What do you guys think this is worth per case?
  17. QuietShootr

    More TRG questions

    Experienced -42 owners, help a new guy out. Any break-in required or a good idea for this barrel (.300WM)? I thought it would have sockets on the stock for QD sling swivels, but it has hook-eye type fasteners. Can these be removed and replaced with cups without too much trouble? I...
  18. QuietShootr

    TRG-42 Picatinny rail question

    When putting a new TRG into service, should I remove and remount the Pic rail to ensure it's properly Loctited, or is it done from the factory?
  19. QuietShootr

    MOLLE/PALS mag pouches for 10-round AI magazines

    I'm having trouble finding something that will work. I've wound up rigging some other pouches to work, sort of, but that sucks. Ideally I'd like singles that have a Fastex buckle instead of Velcro, and some kind of retention capability as well. Any ideas?