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Estimation of Shot Error due to Rifle Cant 2019-02-08

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With all of the discussion about leveling your optic, I figured I would post a resource to allow any interested party to understand the math/physics behind the worst of the canting errors. This discusses the situation resulting from a canted rifle and a canted reticle that has not been aligned to the fall of gravity.

Hope you enjoy it
Nik H
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Great paper thanks!
Good article. Thanks
Thank you! Very interesting. Did not realize velocity had such an impact
A great introduction to the issue, and why it 'gremlins' seem to appear around 600y when shooting 308. I'd like to know what a 1 and 5 degree angle look like on bubble levels. I'd love to see a second paper on what happens when a rifle is canted to a level scope- ie as you move the rifle around so that it isn't lined up at y=0, how does that affect bullet impact from a 100y zero?
Great job. Very concise and to the point. Enjoyed the read.
I'm a rookie long range shooter, I understood clearly, you cant you miss. now I know why. Great read, clearly explained. Thank You
Very informative...practical
Awesome paper