I have playing around with some 208 amax's in 30-06 24" barrel. I work on using a ladder test then followed up with a OCW test. I found a good node between 57.5 -58.5gr Ramshot hunter.

208 amax
Lapua Brass
Hunter powder
Wolf Primer LR
COL @ 2.636 at ogive / .022" off the lands

Target is at 320 yards. Wind was pretty bad, decide to shoot anyways. Winds at 5-7mph.

top left 57.6 grs.
top right 57.9 grs
Middle 58.2 grs.
Bottom 58.5 grs. Flat primers

Update on 208 amax load. Retested again using 58.0grs as ocw, and tried different col. Shot again at 320 yards. The S marks are sighters.

Lapua brass FL
208 amax
Wolf LR primer
Hunter powder 58.0 gr OCW charge

Temp was 92 degrees
8-11 mph per wind meter.

Top left 2.641" at ogive .015" off lands
top right 2.6.36" " .020" off lands
middle 2.630" " .025" off lands / Best

Top two are 3 1/4" groups.
middle group 1 1/2" 5 shot group.

Chrony loads 2700, 2715, and 2730fps. Only had three left to test speed.

Copied cheap sight and see target another hide member posted using trash bag with spray paint.