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    PVA remage profits in 6BRA

    I’ll take them. ZY
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    AMP Annealing Made Perfect is a load of horse manure?

    Namib/47Guy, Posted this someplace else as well...but I also find after AMP, there is an oxide. It caused me some weird results until I accidentally left a batch in the tumbler for 5-6 hrs...back to more consistent SD and grouping. It doesn't seem to matter if I load right away or if they sit...
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    Who uses G1 or G7 Pros cons

    G1 drag model is older and based on a flat based bullet profile. G7 is a newer model and based off a sleeker, boat tailed bullet most of us shoot. In theory the G7 model is closer to what we use, but the G1 numbers are (usually) based on actual performance (regardless of bullet shape) and...
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    Muzzle brake removal help

    My brake from AO was on pretty tight. So much so I asked Mark if they used anything on it. He said typically they dont...and there was nothing in my build notes. Anyways, just had to lean into it a bit more that I am used to. Popped right loose. Sadly, AO closed in Jan. Mark and crew...
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    The new trend started this week,

    1. Pay annually to get a "post button" may be better than price per add. I do buy some $15-25 dollar stuff on occasion that I "need"....especially once I see it! A lot of that will dry up if its $10 an add... 2. The entire advertisement/thread deletes after 30 days. 3. $1 every time you...
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    Leather work

    Me too!
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    B&T Industries match support

    Kasey and crew at B&T are one of the most generous, consistent supporters of the sport and the shooters out there. This is both on and off the field... Great people for sure. ZY
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    Defiance Ruckus

    Interesting...Tuesday when I ordered an action, they told me they no longer do....
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    Defiance Ruckus

    Defiance no longer offers DLC, just nitriding...that, as stated above is outsourced to a tried and true vendor. They used to offer DLC as well, but not sure when they stopped. If you want to use DLC, they recommend (as do many others) Club Custom Guns.... ZY
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    Gun Room Security

    "My plans on my gun room include 2x4's galore, instead of every 16". They aren't expensive and can be added pretty easily to a wall that is already built. A wall of 2x4's is sturdy as hell and you aren't busting into it with a sledge hammer (as long as it isn't built like shit). Put a sturdy mag...
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    Neck Tension Conundrum - Double Check Me...

    Something I stumbled on with AMP annealing. After I AMP anneal, I tumble my brass for 3-4 HOURS in "a bit used" media. - I after annealing, I full size and then mandrel as a final step - My rock stable, low ED/SD ( SD typically <10) loads went a little wonky initially with the AMP - By...
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Just to pile on.... 1. The V-22 is simply amazing .... and the climate/culture of Vudoo is just as important as the rifle as to what sets them apart. 2. The entire Team Vudoo/Mike's support to the shooting community is include being here on the Hide AND the prize table at many...
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    Defiance Ruckus

    Team Defiance, About 8K rounds in a lot of conditions on my Deviant and still my favorite....never let me down. Agree you have all been very lefty friendly! Will the Ruckus be avail left bolt/right eject? (For the rest of us--lets not derail this into the good/bad of this configuration...
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    2 Sig Mosquito magazines

    I will take them. PM inbound. ZY
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    380 for wife to carry.

    Diamondback DB9. 9mm, 6 round mag, small, very thin and flat, shoots quite a accurate for me at 7 yds, not pricey, lifetime warranty and i have never had an issue with 400+ rounds. I can shoot 50 rounds pretty comfortably. I can carry all day IWB at 5 o’clock and forget it is there. As...