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    What Did You Spend On Your Valentine's Day Extortion Payment???

    Nothing....made some tbones for the wife and kids. We dont eat a ton of chocolate or any of that crap. More fun enjoying time with each other during the day.
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    The wife of all wives...

    Where did she purchase that at...would love to get them as stickers and plaster them around town
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    Cutting Edge Bullets

    They look and sound extremely expensive. Being as the rounds are turned on a lathe for each unit. Would be currious how the fps numbers look honestly.
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    Sako P94S aka. The original finnfire

    Bought one of the newer quad ranges last summer from the hide here. Probably the best rifle I have right now. Shooting her she is deadly accurate. Have redone the stock in a sako green, and have a few DIP items on her. Best trigger I have shot on a factory rifle in a long time. Should say on...
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    China is lying to the world

    My company was supose to be installing a custom medical machine near this area in a few months. There have been more than a few of us that have told our bosses to get fucked I'd they think we are going there now. Funny how we just hear about this "new illness" and the Chinese are now saying...
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    Sniper's Hide is causing polar bears to drown.

    Judging by the people who call out lowlight and get banned, or jus get butt hurt, it would seem we have more pussies here than porn hub. So that makes sense
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    Preferred barrel blanks (the company)

    Been to fricken cold up here to shoot much, along with lots if overtime at work. Hoping once things settle down I can get out and put more rounds through.
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    Wyfox is the fuckin man.

    So $25 for the shirt...take $26 for it? Lol And people say us gun nuts are evil and mean.
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Shocking that the media has been lying about us whites not liking blacks. Shocking I tell you
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    Here is my field gear. Looking for Opinions.

    The op posted not long ago in another thread. Seems like he wants to gillie away and not come back to the AO he created.
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    Is Trump being set up by the senate?

    The house impeached the president, but now asking for witnesses so they can impeach the President. They already had their chance, but now saying they need witnesses to impeach. So they impeached the president on nothing by their own admission
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    About the only way to make the ruger look decent
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    Shaved Japanese Pussy Bondage

    Your not the only one, then again look who started the thread. That should have been a dead give away
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    Lookee lookee!

    She sure has the mental ability of a 9 year old She has the manors of a goat We cant assume her gender, according to her voters, so she may just be a boy. Who knows. Though she is a terrorist sympathizing piece of shit.
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    Holy crap! That is surprising. You cant be at the game posting I would assume. And they beat the saints 26-20