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    South Florida PRS Club Match 7/28

    Good to know, thanks.
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    South Florida PRS Club Match 7/28

    Are these going to be monthly? I'm up in central Florida
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    PRS Tactical division: what bullet components do pros use for the 308?

    I use H4895 for the 168 ELDs. Right at 2800. I use Varget for the 178s. Easy to find a load for Varget.
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    .308 Winchester

    I run them in BH brass at 44 of H4895 in my 22". Get 2800. QL has it above 62000 psi so work up. Not bad ballistics for a 168. Shot well.
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    Gas Gun Neck Tension and sizer ?

    I have had .002 neck tension for loads but had them set up expecting bullet set back. For my 556 it was .001ish set back. WIth my 308 AR it was more of set back and caused problems. I ordered K&M custom expanders and that has been titties. You should not need a SB die.
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    New PEDs?

    I wonder if Vegas is taking bets on how much money it will bring in. Mix in some oxys and molly and you have yourself a party.
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    6.5x47 Lapua

    What's your velocity?
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    Need a little reloading advice

    From Berger:
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    USMC .300 WinMag

    Hope many of our enemies die at the hands of my Brothers.
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    6.5 Creedmoor semiauto loads

    How horrible is horrible? Looking at a 130gr based 65 build so gathering real world experience. Thnx.
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    New PEDs? I watch Hulu a bunch and they keep blasting this commercial. I get a good laugh.
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    .308 Barrel Length Question Should be helpful
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    .308 Barrel Length Question

    you could easily do all with a 18-22" barrel while keeping it maneuverable. Hell you can run a 16" and hornady superformance ammo and be good. I believe they have 165sst superformance loads too which should run pretty fast. You have a suppressor?
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    .308 Barrel Length Question

    What are you hunting in? What type of fuzzy things are you shooting? Do you reload? Distance you plan on shooting? Optic picked out? Planning on match shooting as well?
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    Market for high priced glass????

    I plan on winning the lottery. I'll hook you up one day.
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