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    6.5x47 Lapua reamer help

    Can you share your 47 specs? Playing the which 65 to choose and was looking at the 123-130s. Thanks.
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    Who uses an expander mandrel?

    I use the TiN turning manderal from 21st and it has been a very nice addition. I am on a single stage press so it is a two step process and I wouldn't go back. You can bet a progressive press has jumped to the top of my list though.
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    Advanced Sniper Rifle Solicitation

    That 338 NM is for anti material only right?
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    best powder and primers starting out with 223 and 308?

    Varget is pretty simple to do for both. Used for first time loading and OCW was right on point with "normal" nodes. Shit just works. Just keep 8lbs hanging around. It will get used.
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    Subsonics - All Calibers

    Thanks for doing the leg work for me. Have same rifle.
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    Anyone on a Keto diet? I'll probably die, but oh well.

    Keto has been good so far. Not bad after the first 4 days. I would advise having a crazy carb last night straight into keto isn't a good idea. Lessons learned.
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    .308 Winchester

    Looking to make a 16" 308AR friendly load with 168 Amax and 4064 set a 2.810. I have 95% LC brass and some mixed hornady. Plan is 41-43.5. All checks out on QL. I understand there is a sweet spot in the 42.5-42.8 area that comes up a ton. How does this plan sound?
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    .308 Winchester

    I run 44 of H4895. Gets me 2800. Thats in Win brass. Sitting at 2.850ish.
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    168 gr range

    I get the 168 ELD at 2800 out of a 22" at sea level. The numbers aren't bad and it was easy to load for.
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    Would you put your rifle through this!!!

    Your shooting situation sounds fun as hell. Enjoy bud.
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    Borka Tools TCK

    Went around using my new TCK on various things to get a feel for it. Love it. Got the family to try it out as well. Kid wants one now too. Glad I snagged one up. Thanks Boris.
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    Anyone on a Keto diet? I'll probably die, but oh well.

    Wife and I have decided to try this Keto thing out. Offically starts tomorrow. House is purged. I picked this time since its Labor day coming up and I have an extra day to adjust. As for keeping up with the workouts, is there a significant drop off on output the first week or two? I know this is...
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    Weed for ptsd. Thoughts?

    It was a playful post dude.
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    Order of Operations for AR Build

    I personally only finish a upper/lower if I have all the parts. Just seems logical. Sucks having parts stare at you. I put them away from sight. Just make sure you have all the tools necessary and good lighting. And beer. The above order is pretty much how I do things. Good luck on your build.
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