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    DPMS GEN II .308 Dimensions

    1.330 with my hasty measurement with calipers.
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    Out of left field - Hot Yoga

    I love me some hot yoga.
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    Rem 700. Was wondering if a switch lug would fit, which is .350" .
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    Anybody know the recoil lug pocket size? Thanks.
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    Accurate mag

    Haha. Mine does this with my 308. Getting in 9 is a struggle. Glad to see I'm not the only one.
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    Anyone here ever win a giveaway contest?

    Never won and now have an email account flooded with crap....I would rather win a Powerball if I had my choice. One day....
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    Awful Customer Service of Surgeon Rifle and Who Can Help Me?

    I learned something new today. Off to have a few beers.
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    Finding distance to lands with freebore measurement

    Someone will post the video but basically remove the ejector/firing pin and load the round long. Drop the bolt handle, it won't go down, seat bullet deeper in case and repeat. As you get farther from the lands the bolt will drop farther. Seat bullet in smaller increments until it drops free...
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    my latest tool

    What's the total cost to get all that up and running? Very cool.
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    better bullet selection for 308 win (right now using 178 ELDM at 2660fps)

    22" with 168 ELD I can run at 2815 with H4895 in BH Match brass. It's hot but not overboard. Works great at sea level.
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    Any recommended Accu-Tac Dealers out there?

    I have a need for a QD mount to put on an SR-5 bipod. I can't seem to google one up. Any help is appreciated.
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    H322 with heavy .223?

    I have only used it with the 55gr bullets and quickly found it is very easy to work with and gave me good velocities and very easy load work up. Used on my gassers.
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    Multi-shot Test vs Satterlee Method: An Objective Look

    Well damn....cant say you are cutting corners. Titties.
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    Salt bath annealing advice

    I've used mine a few dozen times and no luck. Once I figure it out I'll let everyone know my new found voodoo trick.