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    Any tips for reloading for big gasser?

    Yea Varget is awesome. I'd start at 42.0 and work up. Check out the reloading depot. What mags are you running?
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    Any tips for reloading for big gasser?

    The FGMM clone of 4064( 41.7gr) area.
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    7mm SAW

    I keep putting off a new build and the 7 SAW is my top choice. Keep the good news coming. So much potential.
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    Burris XTR3!!!

    Very excited for this scope. I do enjoy my 4x20 and these new offering look awesome. Lets not forget something shooting friends, we have done a ton as shooters to help push the market/smart engineers to create better and better gear at liveable prices. I think we all deserve a beer or 12.
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    Chargemaster deal

    With the $299.99 price the rebate for $100 is good. I also saved $30 on a coupon code that popped up on check out. Shipping ended at $22. Either way it's a new chargemaster for a bit over $200. Not a bad deal
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    Glock 22 issue

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll give them a ring.
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    Which 308 upper and lower receivers are best quality for the buck?

    They are 5 min down the road. Maybe they have some "blems" laying around they want to donate.
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    Salt bath annealing advice

    I could be mistaken since I dont have the literature in front of me but setting it to 500C is the "standard". I shoot for a cunt hair higher and let the constant brass in and out keep it around 500C. Works good. I do remember if you crank it up high and fumes are coming out you have yourself a...
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    Salt bath annealing advice

    I anneal, size, clean, load. I only dry the brass after the brass comes out of the quench bucket post salt bath. Seems to be fine.
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    Salt bath annealing advice

    Brass is GTG. I'm over 1K of 308 brass in and still alive. Great $150 dollar investment.
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    Form 4 wait time

    Nov 21, 2017 check cashed. In hand Oct 15. 2018. Trash Panda
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    New target from Hang Fast

    Very cool. Would love a 2 target with different sizes. Guess that will be soon. Either way Xmas is coming and I could use this. Thnx for heads up.
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    Christmas List

    Wiser Precision V3 mount. Figured this would speed up load data collection.....oh and a new bolt gun on a TL3 and 4 calibers....but I'm married with kids....haha.
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    Reloading die blowout

    I'll take the Wilson 223 case gauge.
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    Reloading for carbine matches/NO cannelure

    Appreciate the info. I'll snag up some Vmax.