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    7mm bullet to use for 1 mile??

    197 smk is also a great bullet for elr out of an 8tw. I did load work for a 280ai and it was simple. Touching and Rl26 was the key to success. You can start there with the 7 mag. This was a single shot so if you set up the 7mag so the boatail is at the neck/shoulder area short of a 4" wyatts...
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    2wks ago shotskis with WWW (wicked witch of the world). Announced recently Andy Cohen on the left tested positive for Wuhun flu. We can only hope the hag in the center follows suit
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    Looks like the french are going to need some more white flags made soon

    The guy who married his nanny has decided he can just take medical supplies from whomever he pleases. If he did this to Putin or the Pols. I think it would be a great pay per view to watch his ass get stomped on...
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    Help me decide on a type of rifle/caliber for this style shooting

    I'd run one of Robert Whitley's 6mmAr turbo 40's and something like a 105 berger or 107smk. The custom pills from Barts or precision ballistics vaper trail etc if you're less budget-conscious
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    Savage FV I put in the savage APO chassis. I shot .010 Jump today the flyer was me and the cb most likely was too. There are 5 there and it's 300yds The second is the cold bore with3 for group. The 2 .308 holes across the bottom are from a student I had this morning. It ran 2892 today was 2865...
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    Maybe this is 4D chess.....