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    Help me choose an optic

    Owned both. Mk5 for my vote
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    Magazine for PRS

    I appreciate the detailed explanation. If I do run into issues believe me I’ll be switching.
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    Magazine for PRS

    someone did reply the next day with the same answer. I’ve used them for 4 years now, and I’m not seeing a benefit to ditching them. Is there something better in your opinion?
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    WTB cz scorpion iron sights set.

    Just like the title says I need some help finding a set. Have a set reasonably priced? let me know please. thanks guys.
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    Possible JAE news?

    Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) Acquires assets of J Allen Enterprises MDT is excited to announce the acquisition of the designs, tooling and patents of the renowned precision rifle chassis system, the J Allen Chassis JAE-700 and JAE-100. The J Allen Chassis systems have been touted as one...
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    Newest acquisition.
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    SOLD: AR-15 Rock Creek 5R Cut-Rifled Barrel (18")

    Rock creek makes excellent barrels. If I only I had a build to put this in. Glws
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    AR 15 Lower question

    If you just buy the lower that way without an upper or a rifle stock installed. Than the form should be marked (Other) not a complete rifle. It cannot have the buttstock installed. It cannot have the upper installed. The Buffer tube dose not matter if it’s never had a stock installed it’s never...
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    RCBS’s new “Chargemaster”

    That’s fair and we’ll try. Good comment!
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    Newbie Q: is 15-45x65 enough?

    He needs a gen 2 razor too
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    SOLD: MDT ACC Chassis 700 SA Grey

    True! just trying to help you justify the price Incase it’s a no. 😁
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    SOLD: MDT ACC Chassis 700 SA Grey

    Thats a pretty good price already. Acc plus grip is $1048 without shipping.
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    I agree. If I go back to a stock (which I doubt) I’d like to give Greyboe renegade a try.