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    Cooper Model 92 Load Development

    I've been struggling to find a load that my .300 win model 92 likes. I've been using 215 bergers and 212 eld-x bullets with H1000 powder. I've shot a bunch of groups with different powder charges and seating depths without any great results. Twice now I thought I found a good load and shot...
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    FNX 45 Tactical Red Dot Woods Defense (RMR / Deltapoint / etc)

    How about the new aimpoint? I could see it having advantages with debris blocking the dot emitter (or whatever it's called). It does seem rather bulky though.
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    45 ACP Taper Crimp Spec

    So I tried the plunk test. It seems that the less I crimp it, the better it works. Is it bad to have very little to no crimp on the bullets? When I crimp it further, a small burr develops on the mouth of the case. I feel like my RCBS taper crimp die is behaving kind of like a roll crimp...
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    Pistol Break In Proceedure

    Do you do anything special to break in your pistol? Clean the storage grease off of it, lube it, and shoot it pretty much? A gentleman told me to run an oil patch down the barrel after every mag for 250 rounds and stressed that I not break the gun in with hollow points.
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    FNX 45 Trigger Job

    Did a little more digging:
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    FNX 45 Tactical Red Dot Woods Defense (RMR / Deltapoint / etc)

    I have a new FNX 45 Tactical on the way and I want to get a red dot for it. Quality and durability are my top concerns. I will be carrying the gun as a hunting sidearm predominately. I will also be using it at night with a weapon light. I definitely want my iron sights as a backup...
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    FNX 45 Trigger Job

    Looks like a pretty good choice. Thank you. Are you happy with all the work on your other triggers? I'll have to search around on the internet to try to find out some more info about him.
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    45 ACP Taper Crimp Spec

    Why can't I find the spec for the taper crimp diameter in my reloading manuals? Is there one? Measuring different factory loads, I'm seeing .469-.472". My brass is around .472 with no crimp. I loaded a couple of rounds with it going to .470 and it puts a small burr on the lip of the case...
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    Woods Gun Waist Holster (FNX 45 Tactical/ Gunfighters Inc Ronin)

    Just ordered a FNX 45 Tactical that I plan on converting to a 40 Super or 10mm as an option to carrying around the woods. I'm going to get a Gunfighters Inc Chest holster for it and was wondering how their outside the waistband holster (The Ronin) is? The little bit of reading I have done on it...
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    FNH FNX 45 Tactical - Good Gun? vs G20/21

    It might. I'll have to look closer when I get mine tomorrow. I took the plunge. Thanks all for the advice! :) $112.25 for a safety lever... what address do I send my kidney to?
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    FNX 45 Trigger Job

    Everything haha. I would just like to improve it overall.
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    High End Stainless Rifle Rusting Question (Not Abused)

    Just as a little bit more info - the barrel, action, and bolt are all rusting. The bolt has this weird black mark on it - not sure what that's about.
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    High End Stainless Rifle Rusting Question (Not Abused)

    So I purchased a high end hunting rifle this past fall and am pretty disappointed with the gun's corrosion resistance. The gun is stainless steel. After my second day trip of having it out in the field hunting, I noticed it starting to rust. I know that stainless steel isn't rust proof and I...
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    Pistol Trigger Job Quality - Same gun, initial quality differences matter? (FNX-45)

    Valid point. How does polishing the pieces up make it more prone to failure? If you aren't replacing springs, wouldn't it essentially still function the same and be trustworthy after you shoot a few hundred rounds through it for practice?
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