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    Chassis that is adjustable enough to fit a child but adjust enough to fit a small woman?

    MDT chassis and an XLR buttstock. My daughter could easily get on it at age 8, and it will expand to adult size. I found grip size to be as important as length of pull. Kids have little hands. The mdt I bought uses AR grips. I found the smallest grip I could and then sanded it even smaller.
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    Indoor range zero- be gentle

    I've heard that mentioned before but don't personally have that problem. I zero everything indoors, and mine seem to correspond well to confirmation outdoors. The bigger problem for me is mirage. It doesn't take many shots at all for me to get mirage off the barrel that's so bad I have to...
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    Burris XTR3!!!

    That's good news. The XTR2's are a great value.
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    Indoor range zero- be gentle

    Zero conditions are negligible if you are using a 100y zero. Prove it to yourself by entering zero conditions of 0 DA and 10,000 DA. Check to see how much difference it makes on your firing solution at 600 or something.
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    Burris XTR3!!!

    I have a couple XTR2's and like them a lot. I'm sure the XTR3 will be way better than the XTR2. I've gotta say, they darn well better be if the prices I see at are accurate. XTR2 3-15 with rings $892 XTR3 3-18 no rings $1,750 Will the XTR2 line be discontinued? Sorry if...
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    Kestrel Meters Ballistics Official Thread

    I'm shooting 115 DTACs. I just got a 5700 Elite. Pretty slick! Shot at 1180 over the weekend. DA was 5500ish. I was running the Kestrel with the canned G7 BC, .276, IIRC. I was backstopping the data with Ballistic FTE, which gave the same value for BC. Both yielded the same data, 10.0 mils...
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    Moving a load from Prime brass to LC (.223)

    Yup, I'll give it a whack. I dislike load development, but it's gotta be done.
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    Moving a load from Prime brass to LC (.223)

    I had a great load developed in Prime brass for a JP AR in .223. I can't recall the exact charge weight, but on the order of 24g of TAC with 77g SMK's. It was a consistent 1/2 minute performer when loaded on a Dillon 1050. I tried the same load in LC brass. It was actually more accurate by...
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    Suggestions for quality mil scope under 16 oz?

    Fred and I run that same scope on the same rifle for the same event. I have to agree it's pretty decent. My only gripe is that it doesn't have a zero stop, and I can't figure out how to add one like I did on the Super Snipers. At the last SAC, I rolled into a shooting stage and the elevation...
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    Steiner scope Thoughts????

    I have T5's in 3-15 and 5-25. Had them both since the very beginning. Honestly, I like them a lot. I have a Schmidt and an ATACR also, and I guess the glass isn't as good as the top tier stuff, but it's darn good enough for my purposes. The 5-25 lives on my primary .22 trainer, a 40X. I...
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    This is what happens when dad has a CNC router and his boy loves dinosaurs.

    We haven't figured out pricing yet. Which ones would you want?
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    This is what happens when dad has a CNC router and his boy loves dinosaurs.

    Freedom Machine Tool Patriot 4X8. 10 hp spindle, 8 station tool changer. Becker 30 hp vacuum.
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    Scope dope disk

    Pretty clever. I'll be stealing that idea.
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    This is what happens when dad has a CNC router and his boy loves dinosaurs.

    He and his sister are hunting in Jurassic World with their nerf guns.
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    Moving to Colorado. What do I need to know?

    Lotsa good matches right there in Pueblo and another one 30 minutes north at Ft. Carson. For a rifle shooter, there's long range precision at Pueblo on the 3rd Saturday. Max range is 600. The Ft. Carson Match is...crap, now I forget...