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    Zero stop shim sets for SWFA Super Sniper scopes

    I need one in my hands to do the engineering.
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    FS : Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-Y LRF

    These are three or four years old now. Glass and function are perfect. The show light signs of field use, but look quite nice. Obviously, the view through them is amazing. It looks like this particular model is no longer offered, but they were on the order of $3K when I bought them. $1,200...
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    Hiking poles

    I bought a pair from Costco. I'm on my 4th year training for and competing in the SAC with them. I suppose they have 800-900 miles on them by now. I keep expecting them to fail, but they just keep going.
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    Who is your favorite football player of all time?

    Walter Payton. Superb athlete, superb human being. I miss old "Sweetness".
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    WOA SPR 1/8 - 77gr Razorcore?

    24.0-24.2 g of Varget under Sierra 77SMK generally shoots into 3/8" or less with every WOA barrel I've tried. Sometime a lot less.
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    Zero stop shim sets for SWFA Super Sniper scopes

    Bumping my own old thread.
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    New build - WOA and 2-10 PST Gen 2 initial impressions

    I’m a huge fan of White Oak Armament. I’ve used many, many barrels from them, and every one has hammered.
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    Devil Dog Arms 1911 Pistols

    I kinda like the styling. I've gone away from 1911's for the most part, but it doesn't make my eyes bleed.
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    Eley high velocity

    Eley uses beeswax on Tenex, Match, Edge, etc. Parrafin is the lube for Force, Contact, Action and some others.
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    Eley high velocity

    I tried it as well. Not sure if the lube is paraffin or beeswax , but accuracy was truly uninspiring. Based on the price point and how it felt on my fingers, my guess would be that the lube is paraffin.
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    Better ammo with a round nosed bullet (not Eley EPS) for CLE Upper?

    I've always been an Eley guy, but my new Compass Lake upper won't feed any Eley ammo that uses the EPS bullet. Round nosed bullets only. I've been through their lineup and haven't found anything that really performs in this barrel. I'm seeing 1 moa ish at 100y. I've tried Lapua Center X...
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    Precision AR .22LR Upper?

    Please report back if the black dog mags work for you. I'll get some if so. Tracking says my Eley Target and Club test lots of ammo show up today. I'm excited to see if any of them work.
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    Precision AR .22LR Upper?

    That's interesting. After my problems with mine, I called CLE and talked to Frank. He said they hadn't had good luck with the Black Dog magazines. Based on what he said, I never bothered to try one. Speaking of cleaning, I also found that beeswax lubricated bullets (Match, Edge) fouled up...
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    Precision AR .22LR Upper?

    I purchased a CLE a few months ago. I had all sorts of trouble getting it to run. After MUCH experimentation, I discovered that the magazine feed lips were contacting the bottom of the bolt and causing it to slow down enough it wouldn't chamber reliably. I just took a file to the top of the...