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    Eagle Industries

    Thank you for that info Terry. I have been looking for some stuff like what eagle used to have available. Will definitely check out first spear.
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    Time Restricted Eating

    Interesting. I will have to do some more research on it. I know one thing he mentioned was that it was supposed to help your body identify malformed cells or something like that and then eliminate those. Not really sure if that's all true as I need to do more research but I do believe that is...
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    Harbor Freight Pelican Case Alternative

    I will ask the guys at the service pavilion about this thank you. I had heard of this being done but honestly unless I just knocked it off a table or something I think I would probably just retire the helmet if it touches the ground in a crash rather than bother with sending it in just for...
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    ATACR 7-35 x 56 F1

    Something officially seems odd about this now. OP was Lethallsk and then in response to my reply lethal responds and answers my question about the OPs statement as if he is the OP. Why two userIds?
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    ATACR 7-35 x 56 F1

    this scope has been well discussed here. I suggest you check out the search, or just scan this specific forum a bit and you will probably get more info on it then you are looking for. Also what do you mean by this " In particular, it can only be used thus far less than 1000yd." Are you...
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    Time Restricted Eating

    A buddy of mine had mentioned this kind of idea to me a few months back stating that it had helped him to lose the weight (he dropped somewhere around 40 lbs). From what I read on it a part of the reason it works for people seems to be that the volume of food that can be consumed in the eating...
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    Harbor Freight Pelican Case Alternative

    Yes I do. In the case of the 5 year thing I actually don't have a choice because I am not allowed to race with an out of date helmet, but I have also thrown my Arai's out when they have been dropped or hit the ground. Not gonna risk it when it comes to the safety of my noggin. Also, you do...
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    Flu Shot???

    I typically do not get the flu shot. I have had the flu and it did suck alot, but I really dont prefer to get stuck with needles when I feel as if the efficacy is minimal. If it were a 100% thing or even an 80% thing I would probably be on board though.
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    What and how do you take to the range?

    I have a backpack that I bring with my shooting mat, rear bags, sling, some tools, mics parts, and some cleaning stuff. I also have an ammo box that I put whatever I am gonna shoot in along with my ear pro and extra magazines. Then I have cases for each rifle so I just grab what case/rifle I...
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    Bubba gunsmithing project

    This is awesome. I always love seeing the kind of creative ideas people have for these kinds of modifications. Very cool and by the looks of things great job as well.
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    Atacr vs beast

    8541 tactical has done reviews on several of the atacr scopes and the beast. Personally I trust his opinions on things and find the information useful. Might be worth a search on YouTube for the reviews if you are on the fence.
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    What would you do? Upgrade LRF or get a Magnetospeed

    If you are ever going to reload then get the magneto speed. If you truly never will then get a new LRF. Really you should consider what is going to be most beneficial for you. Maybe it won't be either, maybe it will just be more ammo (channel your inner armyjerry lol)
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    22 for young kids

    This picture is awesome for a few reasons and one of the less obvious ones is that hat. Props to you for raising him right with proper equipment in mind. Arai's have saved my life and/or quality of life at least twice where I feel a lesser product may have failed to do so.
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    Primer Seating Tool

    I may be the only person on earth who actually likes using the primer seating tool that sits on the bottom of the lee single stage press. I basically have my brass all cleaned and prepped (with old primers already removed) then I put a brass piece in along with the primer in the little cup and...
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    Getting better in PRS - practicing positions indoors

    One thing that I kind of picked up from a range owner who hosts matches is that practicing off of unusual shaped objects seems to help the most with compromised positions. Take this with a grain of salt, but in my case I started finding weird things to lean over to try and build a stable...