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    Lasers and tactics

    Back to the OP... Only 2 SBR's? Only two of 'em are PEQ'd out? Guess you gotta start somewhere.
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    How many are still going to buy stuff "Made in China"

    When NC Star and Counter Sniper start making optics in the US, then we'll talk.
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    LOL @ big city people

    Cities... Concrete and glass jungles, nothing can survive and it's sorta glaringly obvious with serpentine lines going down the block for fast food and grocery stores. Everything else, shut down. It's so obvious they have nothing to offer, kinda funny to think people that fucking far removed...
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    We Need a Plan/Politicians Need To Get Off Their Fucking Lazy Asses

    Haven't you figured out yet that in a communist regime where all resources are controlled by the government, a doctor is little more than the prescription writing arm that allows them to keep tabs on pills so the peons don't just run amok free. Seriously, having the goddamn government involved...
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    AT308 vs AX308

    I know where to get this one for $3500.
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    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    I've been looking at global resolved cases and they've gotten worse everytime I look at it. I'm only interested in the people that have actually had it, and whether or not they survived. It's the only way to get a solid picture regarding how lethal it is and by the law of large numbers, it...
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    Another Picture Thread - All Other Semi-Autos

    Tavor SAR 9mm w/integral Mepro MOR tri power relfex sight and 5mW IR and red lasers, Omega 9k can and ASR mount. Geissele trigger bow and Timney trigger pack. The cable routed to the button in the handguard had to be cut, soldered and heat shrink applied, then ran through a high temp wire...
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    The newest one. Trying to flesh out those lowers I got before the commies take over. A shame you can't just have parts anymore with the expectation you can just finish it later. Krieger bbl. (16", .223Wylde, 7.7) bedded to an MUR1 upper w/Loctite 620, KAC URX4, JP Ent. FMOS BCG, Geissele...
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    16" Barrel on a .300 BO Build...

    I have one that's 16", the ACOG is tuned for that barrel too FWIW. AAC has sales and gives 'em away all the time if they have any left. Only reason I really have it is that suppressors got legalized here before SBR's and I needed a host. Yeah, pistol gas tube IIRC. But those supers have...
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    Compatible KAC upper, to use the suppressor

    If I were you I'd abandon all the gas block suppressor mount shit and go with the QDC, the current attachments. Leave the factory gas blocks in place and just change the flash hider out. QDC weighs half as much, is half as long and has the exact same performance according to KAC. Reflex cans...
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    affordable AR trigger upgrade?

    Well, the best deal would be to wait until Brownell's has their Geissele triggers on sale. Not the normal Geissle triggers, their contract versions. They make two. One is a "rapid fire" trigger akin to their single stage or maybe 3G trigger and they make a 2 stage version similar to the SSA...
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    ear pro, electronic

    Peltor Tactical 7s, one of the best ratings for the price and you can install a mic on it if you wanna go that route. Oldies but goodies. Do not confuse with 6s which has a much lower rating, wraps around the back and is noticeably thinner than 7s. Peltor Comtac 3 but probably expensive and...
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    Aguila SSS 60 grain rounds

    So those rounds are supposed to be used in a barrel with the appropriate rifling, what, 1/7 or something? I used to know. It's also supposed to have a different chamber and leade if not mistaken. Whatever you do don't use 'em in a can with a regular barrel. They can wobble before they...
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    New intel received from inside the SH HQ

    Better than the Larue mounts.
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    How many of you have....

    How many of you have... Been to an orgy, felt a finger in your asshole and decided to push back? Now THAT'S a question.