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    Why the Gradual Shift in Cartridge for PRS

    A 22" barrel with the 105's going 3025 fps in the rifle I sold my friend. Had the 115 DTACS at 3000 fps with a 26" 7.5 twist. I used the same reamer on all of the barrels.
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    Vortex Diamondback Tactical vs Athlon Argos BTR

    When we have compared we dial the mag down on the Argos to the max mag of those old scopes, now the comparison is apples to apples, then the Argos usually steps out ahead. It's at max mag when the image is degrading a little. I was really surprised when we were shooting our 22 rimfires at the...
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    Why the Gradual Shift in Cartridge for PRS

    It differed throughout the years/R17, H4350, N160, but my last load with a "extra long .208" freebore" was 43.1 grains H4831sc with a 105 hybrid and CCI450. 3172 fps out of a 28" barrel. That much powder won't fit in a standard freebore without excessive compression.
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    Why the Gradual Shift in Cartridge for PRS

    The other thing is the accuracy potential of the 6mmBR and variants, the small vertical at distance coupled with low SD's. No larger 6mm has nor will set any benchrest records. I shot 6x47L for years and burned through 6 barrels. They shoot tight but not as tight as a 6mmBR is capable of. I...
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    Vortex Diamondback Tactical vs Athlon Argos BTR

    These cheaper scopes vary.... if you got one with poor glass you need to send it back. For example one of my friends Argos BTR's has nice glass! The rest have okay glass, but none of ours have poor glass. I can say that my Argos BTR scopes have better glass than my SWFA's do/did, I sold most of...
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    6br vs 6 Dasher

    I'm a little conflicted myself. Darn if my 26" 6mmBR prefit isn't very accurate and fast, 105 hybrids at 2906 fps in the high node with 30.3 grains of Varget. The last practice match I went to, with some of AZ's top shooters participating, tough stages and one stage out 1300Y, 1st and 4th were...
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    Surprising Match Results?

    Yep if I were to guess the wind being down and the longest distance being within the capabilities of 223 made the difference. Plus it's easier to shoot a small frame AR vs large frame. This match would be perfect for a small frame AR in 6mmFatRat or 6mm Turbo with 95's at almost 2900 fps!
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    Done with Hornady tipped bullets....😤

    Yeah, the H88's in my 223AI will give a pretty big flyer once in a while, otherwise they shoot very good. Sheesh, the RDF's in my 6mmBR shot decent out to 300Y, even got some 3/4" groups, except for a flyer here and there opening to 1.5", but totally fell apart by 900Y, in spite of the 8 twist...
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    224 Valkyrie vs 220 Thunderbolt

    Yeah, bolt action thread but.... Definitely over regular 223 at AR mag length. 223AI is getting closer at mag length but I'm going to assume it's still falling behind 224V if not by much. All in semi auto. Some bullets were designed to shoot out of an AR from the mag and some were not. My...
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    0.1 MOA with load development test

    It's always exiting shooting a wallet group, isn't it! Got mine in the pocket right now, a .174 5'er. That was out of my first 6x47L barrel in my old MAK tubegun repeater. Lost count on the 3'ers that were smaller when checking zero. Kinda funny but half the groups I shoot now with my 6mmBR...
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    6mm BR

    2906 fps in a 26" 8 twist. My Mausingfield has a heavier bolt lift but it always has and did with 6x47L also, heck just lifting it with nothing in the chamber is as heavy as a 60 degree bolt throw.
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    6mm BR

    I shot 5 rounds over my friends Labradar on Sunday, 6 fps ES !! 30.3 gr Varget, 105 hybrid, CCI450, powder weighed to the kernel with a Scott Parker tuned M5. Head shot at 500Y on 2/3 IPSC and no vertical at 795y. Dope was perfect! Liking my 6mmBR!
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    Unreasonable scope expectations???

    You found out too, aye. That's why I sold all but one of my SWFA's. Unfortunately you'd have to step up to the Athlon Cronus BTR to get into the nice glass category, plus the scope pulls off 29x well which helps when shooting groups and seeing bullet holes at distance. I had a Bushnell 3-12...
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    Accuracy of a 22 lr at 300 yards ?

    Many of us have been screwing around with rimfire at the longer distances. Like is shown above the vertical is atrocious and that's with medium priced match ammo $14/50box. I still do it for the novelty sometimes but decided I don't like burning up my expensive match ammo anymore doing this, my...
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    New bolt gun: 224V or 25CM?

    When I had this goal in mind 6 years ago the 6.5-4s/Saum was what I went with but with a longer freebore. Big and heavy braked rifle at 24lbs with scope, felt recoil is the same as my 6x47L was at 16 lbs. 140 hybrids at 3175 fps, this is the low node, and I expect decent barrel life. I ran...