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    High Power Air Rifles

    Yesterday I got first round hits at 100y on 4 spinners, sizes 2", 1.75", 1.25" and the last was 1". This was with my FX Impact 25 cal with 34's at 850 fps. On the KYL rack at 65y I made it down to the 1/2" before I missed. Sure was happy with the accuracy it was capable of! OP, what weight...
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    Chinese scope tracking tolerances

    If you want an all .2 mil reticle then look at the Athlon Talos 4-14x44
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    Any Problems w/Hornady 147's?

    You guys having the problems with 147's, have you had problems with the other brands "heaviest" 6.5 bullets too?
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    6.5x300 WBY?

    Keep in mind that you will need to stay with cartridges that have the magnum case head. My friends old 300We just quit shooting well at about 600 rounds, that was unexpected! Went from a respectable .8" at 100Y to 1.75". Will the short magnum cases feed and eject well in your action??, that'd...
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    Thinking of ditching .40

    My main is a 40 cal, I load it way down on the 550 with lead 155's and 3 grains of Clays, the felt recoil is softer than a factory 9 with 115's. I use a 10 lb spring in my STI 2011 so the pistol will function. Have loaded it up with 200's but only to see if I could get 200 power factor, eh I...
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    Best tripod height for NPA, while using a tripod, sitting in a chair

    A chair that swivels. Pick up the tripod and reset to maximize NPA. Have it at the right height to support elbows on knees. There is a huge difference in comparing various tripods as far as stability. I have a Manfrotto 055 which I thought was a stiff tripod when I bought it years ago, and it...
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    High Power Air Rifles

    For many of us it's nice to shoot on our own property when a firearm is illegal to use, like I did for 2 hours earlier today. Also PCP's can be tuned to have very low SD's compared to a rimfire. That friend I mentioned has some that give 5-6 fps SD's and a particular rifle and barrel combo...
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    High Power Air Rifles

    I'd buy a used FX Royale 400 in 22 for general use or the Royale 500 in 25 cal if more interested in hunting. The Royale is very dependable and has a solid rep.
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    High Power Air Rifles

    I played with a Career 909 in 9mm for a year. 115 grain lead bullets at 650 fps for the first shot. I sold it because it gulped air like crazy and it was a 4 moa rifle. Also briefly played with AOA's 45 cal rifle. IIRC 900 fps with a 230 cast bullet. In a couple weeks a American Air Arms...
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    Considering reloading, but am not sure.

    Since I started reloading almost 45 years ago I think I'm probably 20 to 30 thou ahead by now vs buying factory ammo. Norma 220 swift and 218 Bee ammo was super expensive back when I was a kid. Then I got into different types of competition. More time than money??, then learn to reload. The...
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    What is the Best Christmas Tree Style PRS Reticle?

    I think most of the .2 mil reticles would be fine. Personally I don't want a mil line number next to the vertical crosshair which could obscure a holdoff. I didn't like the H37 because it's nice to have half the FOV open up top for spotting. Not a fan of the Tremor reticles but I don't hate...
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    Xtr ii, hdmr, or ares etr

    Japan I think??
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    Xtr ii, hdmr, or ares etr

    Hey that's a respectable .2 mil tree reticle!
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    Xtr ii, hdmr, or ares etr

    The ETR does not have all .2 mil holdovers in the reticle below 1 mil, it transitions to .5 mil, which wasn't a good idea for holdovers so I didn't buy one. I had 3 of the old HDMR's, they were great scopes, and had decent glass. I'd rather spend the extra money on the XTR3 as well.
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    88 ELD-M in .223 Rem

    He's probably single loading, you can hear the BCG drop.