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    Shotgun Opinions

    I just finished a shotgun class earlier this week with my Benelli M4. I did another class with it 3 months ago. I have always used pump guns in the past (rem 870). The only issue with my M4 is you need to run full power shot loads. (Federal reduced power LE slugs also work 100%) I don't have an...
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    Proof Research Barrels for AXMC?

    I went with the forster gauges. The barrel with me pulling the trigger is around 1/2 moa with a variety of factory ammunition. I am very happy with the barrel. So happy that I purchased two more (.223, 6.5CM) for my ARC Nucleus build.
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    I would like a Lefty in Rem 700 SA also.
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    Safe Clean Out - FAL Paratrooper, Colt 727 Clone, 6.5 Grendel AR, Rem 870

    Would you be willing to sell just the upper?
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    FS: 6.5 Grendel Build

    Is it a type II?
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    Thank you for the response MDT_Josh.
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    I am very interested in a Left Hand version for a Rem 700 SA action. I hope this will happen!
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    Krg bravo likes and dislikes?

    x2. It is a very comfortable and affordable stock. The staff at KRG are a pleasure to work with.
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    Mid-price Precision Rifle scopes

    I have both the Razor Gen II and the AMG. Really like both of them.
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    Whose Going to SHOT Show?

    I am in the same position and Marinevet1.
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    Nucleus Light Primer Strikes

    I went to the range yesterday to put the first rounds thru my Nucleus build. It is a SA Left Hand in .223 with a Huber 2 stage trigger. I had light strikes with both American Eagle 55gr FMJ and Hornady 55gr Steel Match. 20 to 25% failure to fire with both types of ammo. I like everything else...