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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    I would like a Lefty in Rem 700 SA also.
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    Safe Clean Out - FAL Paratrooper, Colt 727 Clone, 6.5 Grendel AR, Rem 870

    Would you be willing to sell just the upper?
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    FS: 6.5 Grendel Build

    Is it a type II?
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    Thank you for the response MDT_Josh.
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    I am very interested in a Left Hand version for a Rem 700 SA action. I hope this will happen!
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    Krg bravo likes and dislikes?

    x2. It is a very comfortable and affordable stock. The staff at KRG are a pleasure to work with.
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    Mid-price Precision Rifle scopes

    I have both the Razor Gen II and the AMG. Really like both of them.
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    Whose Going to SHOT Show?

    I am in the same position and Marinevet1.
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    Nucleus Light Primer Strikes

    I went to the range yesterday to put the first rounds thru my Nucleus build. It is a SA Left Hand in .223 with a Huber 2 stage trigger. I had light strikes with both American Eagle 55gr FMJ and Hornady 55gr Steel Match. 20 to 25% failure to fire with both types of ammo. I like everything else...
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    Mixed reports on Vortex Razor AMG rifle scope

    There goes the thread. For what its worth I have an AMG and really like it. The only issue that I have had was the elevation turret stuck in the locked position. I was at a long range class and did not have a backup so I used a pair of pliers to lift the turret into the unlocked position. It...
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    sjc929 is GTG.

    Purchased a Razor GII from him. Scope as advertised. Excellent packaging. Shipped fast.
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    Ruger PC Carbine 9mm, Anyone tried this?

    I'm in San Luis County. Way to liberal. When my kids are out of school I'm gone.