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    What sidearm do y'all carry?

    Want a colt commander bad
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    Welcome from Utah

    Welcome from IL
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    Hello from SwampEast, Missouri...

    Welcome! Have In-Laws from Missouri
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    The "Nom Nom Nom" Thread

    Looks delicious! Especially for $50
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    Serena Williams to go topless......

    Glad I read comments before clicking lol
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    Slippery Slope Bunny Alert

    All for a selfie smh
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    Thought for the day...

    I’ve lost family members because I’m a Trump supporter and won’t apologize for it. I’m tired of having conversations with the left for them to contradict what they said earlier in the conversation and when I bring up their hypocrisy they become angry.
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    Snow Blower? need to get one

    I have a Troy-Built 2410! Wouldn’t be the one I’d buy but was a gift. Haven’t had a problem with it yet. I’ve had it for 3 years.
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    He's a Boozer now.

    Who doesn’t like their beer?!
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    Noob from Missouri

    Welcome from IL
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    The noose gets tighter

    This is getting ridiculous
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    Needs a Damned Beat-down

    That’s just cruel