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    Coming soon...

    Soon we'll begin delivering our newest action, the Cadex Defence Sheepdog/Shepherd R7. Have you considered it for your next build? Here are the features. If you're interested in becoming a US Cadex Defence dealer or you would like more information on our products please private message me or...
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    Us dealers wanted

    Hi All, We have a comprehensive dealer program for qualified US dealers. If you're interested in becoming an authorized US Cadex Defence dealer please contact me at :Shawn Bevins 514-821-7982 or send me an email at I look forward to speaking with you.
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    New World Record Rifle

    If anyone was wondering what the exact rifle was that was used by our Canadian snipers to take down a hostile ISIS fighter at 3540 meters and bring home the record of the World's furthest confirmed kill shot in Military history ....well here it is, a McMillan Tac 50 in a Dual Strike chassis. We...
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    .375 CT Magazines

    So I have good news for .375 CT builders. Cadex Defence chassis will now accept the better quality, more readily available Cadex Defence magazines for the Stiller XL4 (1.450) and the Stiller XL6 (1.600) MAX COAL 4.625
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    Cadex Defence unaffordable? Think again!

    When people think Cadex Defence they think high end products with a high end price tag. Here is a super affordable solution for your drop in barrelled action project. For $919.95 MSRP (dealers may sell for less) you can get the same inherent qualities ,inlet and roller bedding in the same solid...
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    Cadex Defence Owner's Group on Facebook

    We have created an offical Cadex Defence product owners group, if you own a Cadex Defence product and would like to engage other Cadex Defence owners this is the place! This is a Cadex specific group. Feel free to join!
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    NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, who's going?

    WE'LL BE THERE! Are you interested in Cadex Defence products or would you like to become a dealer of our products? Come on down to our booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, we'd love to discuss!
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    Cadex Defence, flaunt it if you've got it!

    Hey guys with the gaining in popularity of our Cadex Defence rifles and chassis I thought it would be cool to start a picture thread. Here's a pic of our "personal earthquake maker " the CDX Tremor in .50 BMG.