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    Looking for a cz 455 stock

    I have the original stock from a CZ455 varmint. Pic attached.
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    XLR Envy chassis

    I'll take this per our conversation. PP inbound.
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    Found what I needed, thanks guys. Looking for something with adjustable LOP and cheek height, can take an Atlas pic rail bipod, but no tube. Something like an XLR Envy/Element or Whiskey-3. Used but serviceable is fine, doesn’t have to be a safe queen.
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    XLR Evolution Folder R700 SA

    Not sure what more there is to say, but if you have specific questions I'm happy to answer them.
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    XLR Evolution Folder R700 SA

    XLR Evolution for a R700 RH SA, Tactical buttstock, folding model. Old school forend, not the M-Lok version, FYI. Includes 2 picatinny rail sections, one QD sling swivel. Finish has normal wear from use but everything is in good working order. $550 shipped CONUS. USPS MO or PP F&F.
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    Custom Holster for Ruger MKIV Frankengun?

    I've got a Ruger MKIV that started out as a 22/45 Tactical but has since been swapped to a Volquartsen LLV-4 upper. VQ says their Scorpion holster doesn't work well with the Ruger grip, and besides, I have a laser on this thing (because why not?). Sooo... can you guys recommend a good source to...
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    Decent 22 pistol?

    Depending on how much money you have to spend, a Volquartsen LLV-4 upper with a Ruger MKIV base pistol. I bought the cheapest MKIV I could find (ended up being a 22/45 Tactical) and added a Tandemkross Victory trigger along with Halo ring on the bolt. The 22/245 Tactical comes threaded, so the...