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    This is what it has come to

    This situation, (as described) is beyond despicable. In a perfect world, there would be penalties for conduct such as this. By both the individuals AS WELL AS the University that is complicit. I look forward to seeing the day where this young man is at the White House, after being picked up...
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    Sig vs Mec-Gar Springs??

    Is there a problem with putting one of each spring, in each mag body, and trying it. Whichever combo works best, go with that. You've only got 4 different possibilities there, 2 of which are bound to be 'right'. Just try fitting and cycling.
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    It takes self control NOT to caption this

    I've heard of "Pilot Vehicle" but never heard of "Pilot Cart"..... Jus' sayin
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    WTH just happened I broke my Rock Chucker?

    Nothing much to add here, and definitely not a complaint,,, but back in the late '80s in gunsmith class, the instructor was showing us the Corbin bullet swage system and using a Rock Chucker to do such. First bullet went fine (.357 hollow-point) but during the second, the handle snapped off at...
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    Son in laws and tools..

    While I'd been working in the Trades, I've seen a few things that make me scratch my head. At the same time, I'm personally NOT a computerologist, so I confess to doing some dumb things with computers where I've needed others to 'come fix this' type of thing. But yeah, there's been a number of...
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    A plea for sanity

    That new language to which you are referring is called "cartoon" and I avoid reading it as well. Be better, folks. Stop accepting mediocrity, for that is what has gotten us to this mess in life to begin with.
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    Will the .Gov go door-to-door to bring folks to “COVID19 quarantine camps”?

    Party line. Ya'll are too young to remember "Party line". And for those that do, are you old enough to remember: Fence line? That's how they communicated with the neighbors, through the second fence-line. I grew up with the crank in the house. Then there was the 10/10, but my father was a...
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    FWIW, I want it too... take your time, raise one for/from the rest of us, and give us the recipe when you're 'leveled out again'. :D
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    And is anyone surprised by this travesty?

    ^^^^ He's definitely being "the better man" and he deserves the credit. On top of that, I'm waiting for/expecting him to go "scorched earth" on his foes, at the end of his second term, if not sooner. Let them keep on building the rope and C4 that hangs their heads in shame, and blows up their...
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    Pro 2A arguments

    There are SO MANY smart people in this thread, that have said SO MANY smart, logical, factual, truthful statements that it truly is inspiring. At the same time, this whole thread exists to formulate a reply to an 'emotional' (person?). I too think that there's no point in rebutting/replying...
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    Cargo Drawer for SUV?

    Are they not 'weatherstripped' or whatever, that you can use it in the bed of the truck? Seeing as they lock, and most tailgates lock nowadays, I was thinking that this was still a viable option. No?
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    Lets talk portable Home Generators

    So, what you're saying is, is that "Fed Ord" makes generators and chainsaws too? I'm not surprised.
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    Another MAGA attack - Patrick Bradley, 34, of Windham (outside of Boston)

    And the media is 'refusing to name' the adult-aged assailant? And yet they throw so many other names around, even with alleged suppositions of hypothetical muses,,, they get top-billing and front page.
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    You ready/up for this?

    I hear what you're saying, and I too have been saying it (locally) for years. If you OR your kids are sick, STAY THE HELL HOME. Do NOT come over to my house. I don't want the disease, I don't want the infestation, and I sure as hell don't want to be a 'Typhoid Mary' so stay away. There are a...
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    Today’s political humor bomb.

    When designing something, always ensure that you design it to MIL-SPEC. MIL-TFDF.1S (Make It Like The Fucking Drawing For Once)