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    Vintage German Scope Help

    PM me I have several extras.
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    The 1969 Moon Landing. Real or "Staged"? "How much does it matter?"

    Protons, Neutrons, Electrons and Morons, processing... :)
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    Concealed Carry Revolver

    A thin semi auto conceals far more easily than any revolver.
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    I Dreamed a Load?

    I am the only one who shoots what I have on hand apparently. Because a bullet is not the newest, greatest thing does not mean it’s worthless to me. Might not be what I purchase but if I find a thousand of them for cheap I will sure use them. Btw, the 220 SMK was a great subsonic bullet.
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    Concealed Carry Revolver

    Recommend your current rig.
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    Help with S&B Klassik

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    Help with S&B Klassik

    Is that an older scope?
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    What’s your big bore caliber of choice? 💥

    Did you start with a commercial Mauser for a rimmed cartridge or did you modify an action to feed them?
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    Read between the lines

    Save pennies and you will end up with a pile of pennies. Debt is a wealth building tool. If you buy undervalued assets, assets that will go up in value or assets that generate revenue beyond the debt service level you are building wealth. When fortune 500 companies merge they take on a lot of...
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    ****SOLD**** Swarovski 10x42 SLC WB

    Looks more like 99.9 % condition. Great deal on some great glass! GLWS
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    Help with S&B Klassik

    Sent you contact info via text.
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    Help with S&B Klassik

    S&B USA is in Winchester VA IIRC. The major domo Jerry is often on SH site. They can get your scope fixed up. Very good to work with. Just google S&B USA. Let me know if I can help. RTH
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    Best way to remove brass scratch on 1911 slide?

    Hate it when that happens😂
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    Help with S&B Klassik

    I have used several of the 3-12 hunting type S&B’s. No issues. I don’t think the screws are for end user adjustment. I know you are a careful guy but are your rings on the rail correctly? Any issues with other scopes on that rail? Could try that scope on a different rifle. I could be...
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    6.5x300 WBY?

    My experience with 7/300 Wby pushed hard is 700-800 rds. If you are not going to seek velocity why use it? If you need brass I have A LOT of excess brass in 300 Weatherby. Thanks RTH