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    Leupold Mark 5HD

    I just received a Mk5 3.6-18 last night and took it over to a buddies to compare it to several of his scopes. Ended up being a perfect still night and we spent a lot of time going back and forth between the Mk5 and a Gen 1 razor. The Mk 5 had a noticeable edge in clarity as we compared images...
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    Measuring Case Neck Thickness

    An update to this thread, with handy ball micrometer in hand, I was able to make solid measurements of the case necks. Across 5 cases and across several points on each case I have an average of .015 thickness. The Hornaday case I have runs about .014. .264 + .030 = .294, which means a bushing...
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    Measuring Case Neck Thickness

    Spife, its starting to make sense.... With your example, you need to size down more WITH an expander to allow enough interface to let the expander work. This would be useful with shitty brass or brass with poor neck consistency so the inside is more round that the outside. WITHOUT an...
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    Measuring Case Neck Thickness

    I'm sorry for the term confusion in my posts. Let me see if I can clarify. When I measure a single neck wall with a caliper I get .011. When I measure an unloaded un sized piece of brass inside to inside and outside to outside (with said calipers) I get a neck thickness of .014. This variation...
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    Measuring Case Neck Thickness

    Between a ball caliper and the case neck gage, which one would be most useful long term? If I have unsized brass will tbe case neck gage still be accurate? I have no sizing or seating die to make a loaded round, hence needing to measure.
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    Measuring Case Neck Thickness

    This is an example of what I have. I have a Lyman version of it. I am looking into a tool to get an accurate measurement.
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    Measuring Case Neck Thickness

    I am trying to figure out the bushing size for a set of 6.5 PRC dies. Using a standard micrometer (I realize this is not the ideal tool for this) I am getting neck thickness of .11 on ADG brass when I measure the thickness of one side. If I take an inside/ outside measurement, subtract, and...
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    Optic suggestion request...

    Mark 5 3.6-18 can be had for close to that, Bushnell DMR II is right there. Might be able to score a DMR II pro on sale for your upper limit.
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    Yes, I Will Spend Hundreds of Dollars on a Press that Only Does One (maybe two) Thing Well

    I have a Redding Boss 2 and the de priming system is choice. Into a tube into a trash can. I don't know if it will handle a 338NM thou.
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    Hornady lock n load AP press owners

    I would agree with most of what is said. Ball powder runs fine and gives me plenty of accuracy. I load 45, 38, and 9mm. Primer conversions take a little time, and I spent some time tuning everything, which made a difference. I would echo that there are some issues with the priming system, but...
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    Forster Ultra Micrometer Seating Die

    A couple of things stand out to me in your process. I think your sizing die might be giving you some of your inconsistencies since its putting so much neck tension on the brass. I really like the Redding bushing dies ( and the seating dies for that matter). Since you asked I would recommend a...
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    ADG 6.5PRC brass

    Ordered 200, so Im glad to hear the report coming back of quality brass! Redding told me 6.5prc will be availiable Feb 1 from them as a regular offering.
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    SHOT Show Report from Camera Land

    No worries, I figured that would be the case!
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    SHOT Show Report from Camera Land

    Doug, were you able to have a look at the Leupold VX5 4-20 in any detail? What is your opinion of it?
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    Atlas on a hunting rifle?

    A tripod of some type is on the gear list for sure. A friend has one and it is supremely useful. The quick release Atlas would be my choice for sure as well.