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    I’ll take this if it includes the trigger pins
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    Geissele SSA-E trigger 2 stage 3.5lbs

    I’ll take it, pm sent
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    Zorfunk A+

    Zorfunk is GTG, thanks again man
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    Good Guy List

    Zorfunk is GTG! Thanks again sir
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    (SOLD) Steiner p4xi 4-16x56 with steiner medium rings - $775

    Picked this up thinking I might replace another scope for a project that never got off the ground. P4xi scope has SCR illuminated reticle and the rings are the t-series medium height with bubble level. Glass is clean and other than a slight scuff on the rings from my torque wrench slipping...
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    Stuff for sale (Geissele, Triggertech, ADM, XLR, JP enterprises, BCM grip, magpul, MFT, brakes)

    308 bcg and jp compensator sold to onyx1357, bump for the rest of the stuff
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    WTT: JP Gift Certificate

    i'll take this per our pms