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    Sig P320 with upgrades $499

    Sig P320 tactical. (2) 21 round mags, box upgraded grip to X5 grip, I have both so you can choose Upgraded to Trijicon NS with orange front sight. Apex trigger Pics available upon request, pm me and just provide email or cell phone PB
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    Nightforce scopes for sale

    FN260, pictures sent. If you need more or different angles, let me know. I cant find a single scratch. Correction, the NXS has a few small scratches , I was thinking ATACR.
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    Nightforce scopes for sale

    PM me with an offer, be sensible please
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    LMT MWS barrel question

    Thanks fellas. I’m buying the SS. PB
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    Any feedback on March 1-10 moa scope?

    I have a NF NX8 1-8 but the is is a trade deal. So not relevant. PB
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    Any feedback on March 1-10 moa scope?

    Guys, thanks a lot for the great feedback. I'll probably do the trade based on this good feedback. The only thing Im not thrilled about is it is MOA and I don't own a single MOA scope. Guess I can learn the DOPE, just lazy.
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    LMT MWS barrel question

    So, I have the 16 inch CL barrel and want to buy a 20inch barrel. More velocity and better to do do head to head comparison with my 6.5 20inch barrel. My question is they offer a 1/10 CL barrel or a 1/11.25 SS barrel. Which would you buy? I know in theory the SS should be more accurate. But...
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    Any feedback on March 1-10 moa scope?

    I am looking to trade for one of these scopes, they seem to be high end. Anyone have any feedback? Again, March 1-10 30mm tube PB
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    Nightforce scopes for sale

    still looking for a home
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    Nightforce NX8 2.5-20x50 - Initial Thoughts

    Thanks for putting in all the work. I run almost all NF scopes and these had me wondering. Ill stick with the ATACR's at this point, however this scope could be real nice on a hunting gun. I run a NXS 3-15 F1 Navy on my hunter now, which I like a lot for such uses. PB
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    Did I get a baffle strike on my suppressor?

    wow, that answer caught me off guard. I would have guessed baffle strike. PB
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    Selling a suppressor

    Major PITA buying selling cans. Needs to be a buddy and one in state. And possible the help of a LGS, which may cost you. PB
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    Looking to buy 3 suppressors

    You can run a 45 can on your 9's and it will work just fine. I like the modular AAC Ti rants. Can make long or short. There are many 30 cal cans, just pick one from a reputable company with acceptable price. TBAC, Surefire, Sig etc. And choose one that has a good mounting system. And was...
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    Saker 556 End Cap Strike

    It would probably run just fine without changing up anything. Its always nice to have cans in great shape but I doubt it will effect function. If the mount is the source of your endocarp strike that is indeed another issue. PB