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    WOW - smoking good deal!!!!

    Just throwing this out there too, If people really want to support @lowlight just subscribe to the online training. TBH I used the videos for a month and after that I'd already watched them all. I just left the reoccurring payment of $15 bucks or whatever it is out of gratitude. It's a good...
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    FS: XLR Carbon Long Action chassis

    Is this CIP length?
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    WTB Bulk .308 projectiles...

    @AIAW that's a pretty solid deal
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    WTB Bulk .308 projectiles...

    Looking for large quantities of .308 projectiles. Prefer 1000+ 175 SMK 168 ELDM 168 HPBT MATCH HORNADY ECT.... all offers welcome!
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    Hornady 75 Amax

    Fuck... I'll take it if it falls through.
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    Spuhr 4601 $old

    Ill take it
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    338 lapua vs 338 AI... need educated opinions!

    Really not interested in the 338 norma or 33xc... @OLD308 thanks for the information, thats very helpful. Exactly what I was hoping to hear. Another question for everyone: Anyone know where I can rent a reamer??? Accurate ordinance wont use PTG either
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    338 lapua vs 338 AI... need educated opinions!

    SH members, I need some help. I was fortunate enough to pick up a certificate for accurate ordinance and the team down there has been nothing but patient and awesome to work with. Here's my intentions: I'm using a stiller tac 338 action in an xlr chassis. Weight is zero issue and I dont care...
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    WTB defiance. 308 bf action..

    Looking for a standard defiance. .308 bf dlc or slick coating is a plus but I'm not picky. Looking for a decent deal, this is going on a .308 trainer rifle. If you message me please send a picture and price. Thanks in advance.
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    Kelbly Atlas Tactical w/ barrels PRICE DROP

    That's unfortunate.. life happens though brother