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    Im interested. PM me
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    AICS AX vs

    How about AX short action vs the MC, or...maybe the Cadex Kraken?
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    AICS AX vs

    Looking to either build or buy complete something with a chassis stock in 6.5 or 260rem. Always wanted an AICS AX but I know many other options out there. Will be used for range, but possibly competition in the future. Wondering what peoples thoughts were on the AI AX vs the competition...
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    Pre-2014 AIAX 6.5 Creedmoor + Extras - Priced to Sell!

    Man good deal. Sorry its gone
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    Custom Savage 10

    To the top
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    Custom Savage 10

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    WTS: Mint LWRC REPR Leonidas

    Nah need the cash brotha
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