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    SOLD 30mm Vortex PMR/Seekins made rings

    Ill take inbound
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    Prime Update Video

    Looks like someone from RUAG kept Jims cash to send their kid to USC
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    WTS-GRS Sporter Stock Tikka T3 223

    Have a GRS Tikka T3 Sporter Stock I recently picked up that I'm looking to sale. In great shape, almost new. Comes with 3 polymer extended 223 mags and 1, 3 round mag with a Bobsled follower. New, these are $852.10. Looking to get $700 shipped and insured.
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    Withdrawn-My Spuhr SP 4002 for your SP 4001

    I have a like new Spuhr SP-4002, 34mm, 0MOA/OMIL that I just purchased and received on the Hide and Im looking for a SP-4001. Sell for $350.00 ( what I paid for ). Let me know what you"ve got. Pics upon request.
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    Vortex razor 4.5-27x56 ebr-7c never mounted.

    Seller is GTG. Just received the optic today, fast shipping, packaged perfectly and as descibed.
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    SOLD:MPA BA Mount 34MM

    Ill take it, pm inbound
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    WTB Spuhr Mount-SP 4002

    Looking for a 34mm, 0 MOA, Pic rail SP 4002.
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    F/S Spuhr 4002 **Sold**

    Seconds please
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    Vortex razor 4.5-27x56 ebr-7c never mounted.

    Ill take it with a few questions-pm inbound.
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    Bushnell Elite DMRII Pro G3

    Ill take it-pm inbound.