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    American Rifle Company Rings SOLD

    Pm sent on rings.
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    WTB/Looking for MLOK handguard 12-15” with barrel nut.

    Send me some pics I may be able to do keymod. It’s just for my wife’s ar
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    WTB/Looking for MLOK handguard 12-15” with barrel nut.

    As title states. Not wanting to spend over $200 so, but want a quality one with barrel nut and all mounting hardware included. Let me know what you got laying around. Really wanting the seekins flat bottom handguard but will consider all. 12-15 inch in length.
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    F/S; Vortex Certificate

    So a 4.5-27 gen 2 with ebr 7c would be $1450 with this certificate? Correct?
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    Sold to @710
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    Comes with throw lever and lo pro bubble level. Only used for prone and shooting off tripod. Never used in PRS or anything like that. Only marks on it are on the scope caps from screwing them on and off. Have tall target tested it and it tracks perfectly. Asking $1500 obo shipped with...
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    Nightforce NX8's in stock @BrotherhoodArms

    you offer leo discount?
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    How much cash difference you talking? 4.5–27 1c? Used but not abused.
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    New Vortex Scope 7/18...

    Getting ready to do the same. Was waiting to see what this announcement was. Going Nightforce
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    New high power Nightforce NX8?

    I was trying to find some video reviews as well and couldn’t find any. It’s weird there’s not a single one on YouTube.
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    New Vortex Scope 7/18...

    You really think they’ll drop the info at midnight or wait until normal person hours in the morning sometime?
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    ISO LH Triggertech Rem 700 Diamond Flat.

    No longer looking. I ordered one direct from TT through their Leo program. Thanks though.
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    ISO Masterpiece Arms Chassis LH. Will consider any models.

    No longer looking. @dlchattin gave me a great deal on one. Thank though
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    Vortex Cantilever mount 30mm $50

    34’m rings also sold to @Oiange. Only vortex mount left.
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    Shorty FFP high mag scopes?

    Oh trust me I like it on paper. Almost bought a Vudu awhile back. But haven’t found one local to look through and mess with. Definitely my kind of reticle though. In the zero compromise, the MPCT1 reticle is my style.