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    TRADED - FS/FT: Barrett w/Extras

    Sell without the top rail and sights?
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    ISO/WTB: TT AR Diamond.

    Want to buy triggertech AR Diamond. Don’t care if it’s regular or the Black Friday gold one. Who’s got one they’re not using. let me know. thanks in advance.
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    SOLD Custom Barrett Rec 7 Modern MK12 unfired Look

    What’s the barrel profile on it?
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    WTS - JP-15 5.56

    Any trades?
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    ISO/WTB AR in 223 or 6 creedmoor. No frankenbuilds.

    As title states wanting an ar in 223 or 6 creed. Prefer JP, GAP, Rock River, Noveske,etc. Mid to high end factory guns. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance.