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    Is a Minox ZP5 worth the extra money over a Cronus BTR?

    I have one of these Minox scopes, it is awesome. Also have a kahles 5-25, and I dare say the glass is comparable to my eye.
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    Curtis Axiom 224 Valkyrie BA

    Barreled action has around 200 rounds of hornady factory match ammo through it, shot several sub 1/2” and a few more that were around 3/4” at 100yds. I’m sure handloads could get that more consistent, but I never got that far. Barrel is a proof competition contour, 1:7, finished at 20” and...
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    MPA Comp Multicam Rem SA

    MPA comp chassis, custom coated in multicam at MPA. Been through a handful of matches and had multiple rem700 short action clones in it. Comes with complete weight kit and the barricade stops. $925 shipped CONUS. PP FF or add 4%
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    PX Forum Jargon/Common Language and their Translations

    Sell for $1000 but trade value is $1500. WTF?!!!! Some genius economists in there
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    Terminus Actions

    Both sides.
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    Terminus Actions

    My Zeus in a foundation with Hawkins bottom metal does not like the aw at all. It’s a 6x47. Round comes out on the push, comes up the feed ramp, and sends the tip clear across the chamber opening and hits the face of the breach. It’s every single time, I figured I’d mess with it eventually, I’ve...
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    TriggerTech 2-Stage Trigger - I'm stoked!

    Had a tac sport pro 2 stage go down on me 2 different times. They were great on replacing/repairing, but never would answer about what went wrong.
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    All SOLD!
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    I have two envys, different gen on each. One is a gen1 I believe, it had the arca and pic rail but I had the pic rail machined off and I put on a Henderson Precision ARCA rail. It has the mercury buffer tube and a set of xlr weights on the forend, also has an mpa evg grip. The other one might...
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    Got a bankruptcy notice from Jallen today

    Or..... Be a lawyer, profit off both sides🤮