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    WTB: LH AI AT or AX

    might have something for you, hit me up
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    pm sent
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    How do you DOPE the wind at matches?

    What i usually do is make an educated guess, then calibrate my kestrel after the fact, example, if you needed .6 mils to impact center at 675 yards I plug that into the kestrel and figure out what the wind speed actually is.
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    105 Hybrids impacting high?

    Cool thanks, ill put that one in the tool box
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    105 Hybrids impacting high?

    Frank looking for clarification of the above statement, does this error show up more on a bench vs other positions? Im curious if the alternate positions we see in PRS type shooting could cause this error as well, or does it only impact shots at a further distance?
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    Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical

    Any word on if the blackbear would be doable in an ACC after modification?
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    Favorite COF/ Stages

    Out of curiosity, whats everyones favorite COF or stages from matches that you have been to? Can also include stages that you would like to see more of. Personally this weekends COF at the MPA summer shootout at Arena Training Facility was one of the best complete COF's that Ive shot in my...
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    First PRS Rifle build 6mm Dasher or Creedmoor? Need Help

    Never had any feeding issues at all with a straight BR but impact 737r and tuned mags from Tate might have something to do with it....
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    First PRS Rifle build 6mm Dasher or Creedmoor? Need Help

    The first match i shot with mine last year i ran at 2820, and was within a tenth of windage of the dashers all match at KM, ive since changed to hybrids at anywhere between 2850-2890 and it straight hammers. Im definitely not losing matches because the cartridge is holding me back. day in day...
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    First PRS Rifle build 6mm Dasher or Creedmoor? Need Help

    Before last year Id tend to agree with you but plug it into your ballistic solver, the results may surprise you, that extra 100 fps doesnt really buy you a whole lot.
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    First PRS Rifle build 6mm Dasher or Creedmoor? Need Help

    Not to poo poo on Dasher at all because the results speak for themselves, but if you want to hit the the stupid easy button go straight BR with a one to two inch longer barrel. Your velocity will be in the high 28s low 29s, and unless your picky there is zero load development. Plus last year I...
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    Wtb- j allen chassis

    ALTUS has one or two leftys in stock if you wanna go that route FYI
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    AI Rifle Cant On Barricades.

    depends on the size and distance of target, but with that being said with a cant of that degree aiming high to the magazine side works wonders
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    Brake vs Suppressor

    Really its all based on personal preference, and experience handling the gun, if you're in tight quarters a lot I would obviously suggest a shorter configuration, with that being said, Matt G. AI team captain has been running a 338 ultra on an AXMC and other variants for years with no issue, and...
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    WTB: AIAX or even the unicorn of AXMC

    Just an FYI I spoke with Mile High a couple of weeks ago and they said that Lefty Ax's should be inbound by mid summer.