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    SOLD Kifaru Scout Pack

    I have a Kifaru Scout Pack for sale. Comes with waist strap. Ranger green in color and excellent condition. No rips, tears, or stains that I can see. Great pack, I just don't use it. This is their now discontinued lumbar pack. Looking for $200 shipped obo.
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    Kahles K18i arriving finally

    How would you rate it's 1x performance to a K16i?
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    Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10x

    Any comparisons to the MK8 on that other rifle?
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    223 Trainer

    If you're not reloading, no point in the match chamber.
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    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    That rifle makes my pants tight.
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    Looking for light weight scope

    I've used of the above except the TT and all punch above their weight (literal weight). Give up very little to larger heavier alternatives. I'm sure the TT does too, I just haven't used one.
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    Kahles V Minox V NF

    While I don't doubt people have had issues with them, you hear way more about the ones that go wrong as opposed to the ones that are perfect. Thinking all of them are bad is ridiculous. I've run one for two years with no issues. @just browsing
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    Kahles V Minox V NF

    I would put ATACR glass in between Minox and Kahles, probably closer to the Minox. NX8 is not in the same league.
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    Steiner T5xi vs M5xi clarity

    I never take website reviews into account. I don’t know which vendor you’re referring to but take those with a grain of salt. Also you shouldn’t be paying anywhere near 2k for one. I paid 1400 for mine back in 2017 and the prices have only gone down since then.
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    “Budget” Custom actions

    Do you have any other actions that you can compare your Ti action to?
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    Meopta Optika6 1-6 vs Steiner P4xi 1-4

    I ended up going with the Steiner based on @gr8fuldoug recommendation. Ordered through them as they are still up and running. Thanks Doug.
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    “Budget” Custom actions

    I hated the Nucleus and will never own an ARC action again. I have a TL3 and love it. A friend has both the Origin and Atlas. The Atlas is significantly smoother. Of the options listed in OP, I would choose Atlas. But I’d probably go with Tenacity before atlas.
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    MPA/spencer barrel

    My MPA/Spencer (purchased right around the time MPA took over, not sure who actually manufactured it) is the best barrel I've ever had. And I've had all the brands you listed above.
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    Meopta Optika6 1-6 vs Steiner P4xi 1-4

    Has anyone compared these side by side? I'm particularly interested in 1X performance. I had to sell my Razor, and my favorite thing about it was how at 1x the eyepiece "disappears" likes its just a small ring. I hate the tube effect on 1x of some optics. I'm interested in fisheye effect as well...