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    Where is RBG

    Her daily breakfast of late term abortion fetus stem cell shakes must really work wonders
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    Democratic debates. Mini Mike getting hammered.

    Lol, what a shit show. How ironic that the “democratic” party, the party whose namesake represents the will and vote of the “people” did not have a single non-Bernie candidate support the idea that the candidate with the most votes or delegates should be the Democratic nominee. What a bunch...
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    Georgia/Alabama training

    Altus isn’t that far. Precision Rifle isn’t one of his focus areas but Frank Proctor is in Eastaboga, AL and is one of the best out there for carbine and handgun training.
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    Better Caul Saul Season 4

    Great show
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    Bloomberg might be out of the race

    the buttmayor and midget mikey are in a heated battle right now to see which non-Bernie dim candidate will be ahead at the right time haha
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    WTB: Factory Remington 700 308 Take Off Barrel

    Looking for a 308 Remington 700 take off barrel let me know what you've got Any 308 barrel for Remington 700 on an un true'd action could work would prefer 18" to 22" with 5/8x24 muzzle threads in at least Remington varmint contour or heavier/thicker profile
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    Geissele Super Duty Rifle

    Can’t speak for him but the “duty” rifles not the “super duty” rifles were $850 iirc for bf