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    300 Norma em!!

    Very nice, gentlemen! If anyone surfing this thread is in the market for a turn key system, I just listed my 30-338 Norma Improved 30° for sale in the Exchange. Not shooting it enough, or near to its potential. The guys above shooting straight Norma's above will tell ya that shooting 1K to...
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    Z Comp Optics, heard of them? SHOT Booth N451!

    Happy to hear Seekins is tooling up to make rings for the ZCO. Anyone have specs on Seekins 36mm ring height options & availability? Website has no intel...thanks!
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    Sheepdog Warrior - Upstate NY

    Shot downrange @ Sheepdog, from under covered shooting benches. Targets set up thru the cut line are 600-800+, IIRC. 1K targets are at top of hill, just left of center
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    The .220 REDLINE (a .224 caliber SAUM wildcat)

    Thank you, gents! Here's another vid, 737yds. The shot itself is in slo-mo, but that JLK still gets out there plenty quick! Select 720P for HD ...
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    80 gr. Bullet at 2900?

    Yup, gotta have the freebore to sit a long bullet out where it ain't crowding powder capacity. My .223AI is 26", 75AMAX @ 3105 is barely a warm load, and makes for a competitive and FUN match rifle. Run an MDT 10rd (single stack) polymer magazine, it allows plenty of room for 75-80s, seated...
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    80 gr. Bullet at 2900?

    A longer barrel length might allow for enough to clear that hurdle. What length are you running?
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    Sheepdog Warrior - Upstate NY

    April match was excellent! Signed up for 6/3, see y'all there...
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    The .220 REDLINE (a .224 caliber SAUM wildcat)

    Well gents, it's been a time in the making & development, but feel its time to share this with the Hide collective! Did an initial write up on plans & development for my friend's blog, READ HERE for particulars on how the .220 REDLINE came about... Since then, stock has arrived, I bedded it up...
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    Should I buy a Tangent Theta?

    Don Ready, take notes...
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    How to start a wildcat round?

    I just went through this process with my .220 REDLINE... First step was to build some 'dummy rounds' from the parent brass you'll use. Neck up/down/whatever your brass with the dies you'll use. Then, determine a seating depth for your bullet(s) of choice. Call Grant @ JGS Tooling to discuss...
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    Zero Compromise Optics

    Would like to see an 'intro' price point, and possibly a 'combo' deal with appropriate mounting system. It ain't like guys got 36mm rings laying around in the tool box to throw a ZCO in, so why not? A 5-27x56 in a 1.18" Spuhr one piece...I'm in! But...the price must be appealing enough to...
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    "Fake news" hits a new low...

    Here's the video of a purported "rescue" by cnn news reporter...that just happened to be captured on video. Looks to be a 'staged' event, rather than a spontaneous "rescue"... NOTE: reporter is wearing shorts, initially. But, only "seconds" later, he's shown (truckside) with long pants and...
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    Best RRS Setup for McMillan Stock?

    ^^^those pics are mine, LOL^^^ That was a 'test run' on my .22LR, to see if the T-nut idea would work. Thanks for posting them back up! I used the same plate to mate to the Ansschutz rail above, just had to find a backing plate that'd work. Then swap to longer screws... The T-nut install does...
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    Best RRS Setup for McMillan Stock?

    If you decide to use the RRS Anschutz rail adaptor, make sure the rail you install on your stock is actually Anschutz spec. Reason being, the 'Anschutz' rail that McMillan installs at the factory is not true to spec. I found this out the hard way, as the RRS adaptor would not fit/slide onto the...