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    SAS cans on TACTV

    Pretty good video from youtube and alot of it was aired already.
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    SAS Reaper Review

    I finally got to run some more test this weekend with my SAS Reaper .30 cal. can on five different rifles. The more I shoot this little can, the more I like it! The can weighs 10oz. and is 7" long. While Tim was coming up with it and we was testing it, I predicted this to be the best hunting can...
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    SAS warranty revision.....

    Heard something through the grapevine on a "warranty revision" on the new SAS cans being shipped........ All for the better
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    AAC M4-2000 vs. SAS 7" Ti

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    SAS Rifle build range report....

    Tested my new 243 built by Tim at Suppressed Armament Systems and once again his art work makes it real easy to make little holes with 5 bullets!!!! This is my fourth rifle built by SAS and they are all one hole guns. Tim is not known for building rifles, but for his cans, but he builds an...
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    SAS Arbiter on POF 16.5"

    Well, we was wanting to get some readings on some new cans (7") today but instead we just shot a bunch of different rifles at the range. Put a test can (Arbiter) that was sent to crane naval base for eval that they tried their best to destroy and it made my little short POF 308 a COMPLETE joy to...
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    Seekins Medium Highs???

    Been looking alot and can't find any in stock and was wondering if anyone knows where a set is in 30mm? Thanks!
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    New SS coming?

    Just wondering if anyone in the know has any info on a new super sniper in the 3x12 or 4x16 range coming?
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    Leupold CDS Repeatability????

    Got several leupolds I am wanting to updrade to the CDS and was wondering how the tracking and durability is on them VS the regular M1 turrets. These scopes will be used for hunting about 65% of the time but will be shot at the range and dialed on frequently. Thanks for the input!
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    Leupold Bashing??

    Guys I read post here about every day and it seems that there are ALOT of people here that really bash the MK4. Owning many MK4s and dozens of leupold products, I have yet to have a single issue other than a target scope (vari-x III) with bent crosshairs that was caused by some knucklehead...
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    Mk 248 MOD 1 300 Win Mag Ammo

    Guys I am in the process of getting a custom build that is reamed for the 220 SMK and was wondering how many grains of H1000 to start with and what most of you guys are ending up with to be in the 2850 range? Thanks!
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    Suppressed Armament Systems.............AMAZING!!!

    Hey guys, newbie here so I wanted to say hey and that I just got a new stick built to have some fun. I had a new rifle built by Tim Humston of Suppressed Armament Systems build it for me. Let just say that while I may be new to the hide, but not at all new to shooting or top shelf products...
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    Redding Type S Dies

    You guys think the competition sizer is worth the cost over the standard type S??
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    Large Rifle Primers for ARs............

    Guys I bought a new POF 308 and was wondering if anyone has had problems with slam fires using federal gold medal large rifle primers in the big ARs. For ARs with small rifle primers I exclusively use CCI 450s as they have a hard cup and with a floating firing pin this helps reduce the chance of...
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    SSA Brass

    Anyone have luck with silver state armory brass in 308??? I ue it exclusivly in my 6.8 SPC but never tried in in 308 for accuracy stuff.